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I've had 3 Landys and swore when I got rid of the last one that I would never have another. Seeing those photos though... Maybe when the boy is older I'll get him a Series to play with as at 6 he is already showing much more mechanical aptitude than his old man.
My daughter first drove mine at the age of 6.

You can sit in the middle seat and operate the pedals for them when they’re small.

She’s 9 now and I have to hide the keys because her and her brother (11) can both drive all over the farm.

Wouldn’t put it past either of them to go for a joy ride to be honest.

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That's Ravers in disguise.

Although your kids must have strong legs to be able to operate those gym machine style pedals I must say that is a damn good looking Series, almost makes me nostalgic for my my ones.
However after doing Gibraltar to NordKapp* in a Series 3 I got a bit tired of leaf springs and drum brakes.
Been trundling around in my 90 today enjoying disc brakes, coil springs and permanent 4x4.
Still got a puddle on the floor from wind driven rain though. B*llocks.

*I'm not saying I did it all at once or very fast.
It’s not dead, it’s just got a hangover.

Land-Rovers are immortal.

Edited to add: I am gonna be in the fvcking shit with the wife. Having bought a Jag, I’ve got the itch. It seems V8 Disco 4s could be had with the 5.0 Jag engine. FFS :)
A guy was driving his landy when he noticed the alternator light on, in a bit of a rush, he ignored it, but it was running a bit hot, he ignored that too, fixated on his, albeit worthy, mission.

Now watching YouTube videos of head gasket replacement.
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.


Further research shows that the full size RR could also be had with the 5.0. Mit supercharger :)

I’m reconsidering the F-150 Lightning on reservation. It would be about half the price to buy a decent Range Rover that’s 5-7 years old and a generator to power the house in an outage (big reason to get the electric truck, using its battery).

Early days.

But my heart’s in a Land-Rover more than a battery truck.
Further research shows that the full size RR could also be had with the 5.0. Mit supercharger :)

A mate of mine has two of those, one of which has been breathed on, and pumps out around 650 brake.

He has a Jag too, an F Type. The bark from that thing is unreal.
A mate of mine has two of those, one of which has been breathed on, and pumps out around 650 brake.

He has a Jag too, an F Type. The bark from that thing is unreal.

We had some friends over for Thanksgiving, and the wife sat in the Jag. “Still smells like a new car”. “It’s 16 years old” :)

American iron is big and powerful, but they haven’t cracked “Luxury”. There’s leather, and there’s leather. There’s wood-look plastic and there’s walnut, or elm, or ebony.

Not applicable to @Ravers’ iron horse, but they have their unique qualities too.

I am veery tempted.


It was Mars Bars and cans of Coke brought by one of my Regiment's crop of Majors in HIS Landy once, when on Ex down in Darkest Dampest Devon. You wouldn't believe how much of a morale boost that was as that exercise was the worst I've ever been on.

"No, you can't dig a nice comfy trench to stay in as we're on a protected beach, and it would damage the Marram grass holding the dunes together."

How we laughed.
Brawnton burrows and don’t eat the snails their protected?


and the lesson learned this evening, 'Don't try and bump start your Land Rover backwards'
Spent a bi of time TIG welding up the gearbox casing. Very much a beginner with the TIG, it's kind of like oxy/acetylene welding but different and my hands are still learning how to react correctly, instinctively.
Clamped the casing in three directions till the cracks closed perfectly, tacked the outside to hold it like that, grooved out and welded the inside, then grooved out the outside till I hit the inside welds and welded from the outside. Did all the welding with the casing hot to try and minimise distortion. Bit of a fiddle doing the stiffening ribs, but it looks Ok I think? Bought a couple of gears to replace chipped ones and hope to have time to reassemble it during the mince pie and turkey fest. Probably madness to fix it, but I need to practice TIG welding and LT85 gearboxes seem to be thin on the ground these days.
casing inside.jpg
casing groove weld.jpg
casing mostly welded.jpg
My Discovery 3 is currently sitting 18 inches higher at the back than at the front......

Fairly sure the compressor exhaust valve is the culprit, won't exhaust air from the rear bags and won't build air on the front.
Got to be either the compressor or reservoir valve but not yet sire which, JLR SDD says the compressor won't vent pressure.

Currently sitting like a dragster


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So has the front dropped or the rear risen?
Which compressor is fitted? the original Jap one, or the later Dunlop one?
Do you have the '4x4' screen, if so, does the height shown on there mirror reality?
It's unusual for one end to be higher than the other if the compressor isn't venting.
If it's been slow to raise or you've been getting the 'compressor overheat' message, it could be the dessicant in the filter-drier is saturated.


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