land rover ffr history help wanted

Hi Guys
a friend as asked me to help him understand a Merlin report he as for a ex army Land rover 90 35-kl-17 i wonder if you guys can help me heres part of it and i know its related to sfor and kfor

UIN A9000L 362 ss op grapple engr wksp
A9001E op grapple Armd Recce sqn
A9000F op grapple Med Recce Sqn 1
A9000C op grapple Combritfor sig sqn
A9501E op resolute HQ NSE Sp Sqn
A9504A Uk North Armd BG CSAT

Any help with this would be great

Ex Stab or Jarrod are your best bets. They are also spotters.

Hope this helps.

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UIN is Unit Identification Number, A unique number attributed to a unit/subunit for identification when demanding stores etc. The 6 UINs and unit names just show which units the wagon belonged to during Op Grapple/Resolute. Which I would guess will be UNPROFOR/IFOR. What else do you want to know?

We still use UINs now, though I wouldn't be surprised if they go when UNICOM is turned off.
Hi Spaz
thanks for the reply, i was hoping to find out wich units/reg the rover was issued to, the rover is being restored to its former glory and he wanted to know what marking to put onto it and have a bit of history to it.
I knew the uins gave this info but have no way anymore of looking this up.

any help would be great

CA UIN's belong to storeholding units i.e. the vehicle was held as stock and not assigned to any particular unit so it was held either as stock, war maintenance reserve (WMR) or pre-positioned unit equipment (PUE) i.e. held for a specific unit on mobilisation. An A UIN denotes an Army unit, F denotes an RAF unit and N ........ guess! CQ - I forget :(
I'm sure I responded to this yesterday in a seperate post. The vehicle was issued from stocks, spent most of it's operational life in Bosnia with various units including Engineers, RAC, Medics, Sigs and the NSE which was at DJ barracks in Split (IIRC). From there it was put back in stocks, issued to a TA unit and then sold off. As far as the individual units are concerned, you would have to find out who was in Bosnia at those times. For rennovation it could be painted in UN white or green with IFOR\SFOR markings for post 95 service.
You're right Speedy, this was done yesterday, and all of the above information already given. I'm looking to reading it again tomorrow when it gets posted again. I think I may also cancel my plans for saturday in order to reply to the further posting of this thread. Wonder what to do on sunday?

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