land rover ffr history help wanted

Discussion in 'REME' started by g7jwr, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys
    a friend as asked me to help him understand a Merlin report he as for a ex army Land rover 90 35-kl-17 i wonder if you guys can help me heres part of it and i know its related to sfor and kfor

    UIN A9000L 362 ss op grapple engr wksp
    A9001E op grapple Armd Recce sqn
    A9000F op grapple Med Recce Sqn 1
    A9000C op grapple Combritfor sig sqn
    A9501E op resolute HQ NSE Sp Sqn
    A9504A Uk North Armd BG CSAT

    Any help with this would be great

  2. Send key setting over???
  3. They are the Unit Identifcation Numbers of where the rover has been sent. Whenever it was moved between units/ops it would have been 'issued' to that UIN. Unsure about the bottom one, possibly a unit in Germany? but A9000L, A9001E, A9000F, A9000C, A9501E are Bosnia.
  4. It looks like it was probably deployed from stocks and kept in Bosnia for it's active life. It used to be that when units deployed they took their own vehicles with them. This, paricularly with Bosnia, meant lots of ships being hired for the task of moving lots of vehicles every 6 months. Instead many vehicles, especially those belonging to CSS elements tended to stay in theater and would be handed over to each new unit arriving to replace the old one as this one appears to have been.
  5. Hi all
    yes i know from the operatoins and dates that she served in the Balklands for most of her life and i am not sure about the bottom one myself but i do know she served her last year in Canada before being refitted at abro donnington and then sold.

    what i am after is to find out what units/reg she served with in the Bosnia so it can be restored to its former glory with the correct markings ect

    I know the UIN unit id will tell me this but have no way of looking them up

  6. Martin,

    Oddly enough I seem to recall that particular SWB Rover. It was on the unit OET of one of the Recce Squadron's in Bosnia.

    If it is the same one it was used by the RLC LSD commander and also the SQMS and LAD in Glamoc in 1996.

    It did regular, almost daily, milk runs between Glamoc and Sipovo.

    It was probably used by a few of the armoured units listed on the link below....

    http://Link to online list of Bosnia deployed units

    I don't recall any particular unit markings being applied as it was an in theatre run around Rover, painted bog standard black and green, with IFOR stencilled in white on each door.

    Feel free to PM me if more specific unit info is required.


  7. was HQ NSE at DJ in the beginning of Op Resolute?
  8. Heres the merlin report