Land rover discoverys

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by 41fm77, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know anything abour Discovery's?

    only I have been offered a 1994 Discovery 300tdi by a mate as he's not happy with the part ex that the land rover dealer offered him on a new one .

    whats the things to look out for ?

    and is £1000 a fair price considering its only done 78k miles and has been dealer serviced from new
  2. It's easily worth £1000, the engine alone is worth £500-750 on eBay. Go into WH Smiths and look at Land Rover Monthly, Dec 2007 p218.

    Whether its worth more than £1000 depends on how rusty the rear floor is, how much MOT it has and does all the toys work? It is not likely to be worth more than £2500 even if perfect, its age is against it.
  3. Yes, take it.
  4. Looks like a good bet to me. You get some bad ones but the good ones are very good. Mine's a P reg has over 200k on the clock and runs sweetly - 4 trips from Edinburgh to London since June and never missed a beat. Find a good local self employed mechanic to service it to avoid rip off main dealer fees and you should have a great workhorse for many years.
  5. On an L plate iit is likely to have spome potentially serious rust issues.
    Boot floor, sills, rear body crossmember, inner wings, front floor areas are all favourite problem areas.
    Check the bottom of the A-Posts for rot. Chec all body mounts for rot/sagging.
    Check the back door carefully, if its not a good fit or has been scraping the bumper when opened its likely the body is fooked. Once the boot floor or crossmeber are seriously knackered the sides spread out slightly and the door soesn't fit properly.
  6. On second thoughts give me your mates phone number :D
  7. 1000 sounds bit cheap to be fair unless there is a fault with it.
  8. That's spot-on. Take the carpets up and have a look. The panel is easy enough to replace though. JOHN CRADDOCK are really good for spares. I've had great service from them.
    The other irritating one, is the rear step. Its on an air srping; cheapest place I found was Ebay.
  9. OK....lots to go wrong on these things, but you have to remember you are only offering a you shouldn't expect too much.

    The 300Tdi engines are strong, but some had an issue from new with the timing gear. Look for a yellow square painted on the timing belt cover...if it's got it, the engine has the modified timing gear and will be ok...if not, watch those belts...they can start to wear very very quickly and if it breaks you are looking a good money.

    The advice about the rear is spot on. They rust like hell under the rear carpet area. Look for leaks from the alpine light (the window on the roof). They go around there.

    The dashes have a habit of coming unglued. Not too much of a problem, there are repair kits for them on the market if you look around.

    Locks are a pain...rear door lock often fails, meaning you either cannot open or shut it...depending on how it has failed.

    Other weak spot is the transfer box. If it hasn't been used, you may find that the lever doesn't move across smoothly....some gentle coaxing may be needed to get that centre diff to lock...more may be needed to get it to unlock. Remember to reverse it until it unwinds if required....

    I've had a few of them....great cars, but always something that needs to be done....also, you may as well give you credit card to craddocks...they had mine!

    Sounds bad...but really for a grand you are getting shedloads of car for not a lot of money. you'll never lose money at that price. Get it...spend some cash sorting it out and enjoy.

    Remember the Land Rover saying....If it aint leaking's empty!
  10. If your mate is a mate he'll tell you what problems , if any ,he's had with it. Take a good look at the body because when you're dealing with older mottors yuo can replace mosyt mechanical bits but if it's full of rust you'll b efighting a losing battle. If you do buy take outb a mortgage to pay the fuel bill as at over £1 a litre it's not going to b ethe cheapest motor to run.Another thing to bear in mind is "Do you need a motor this size or are you doing it to do your mate a favour?"
  11. Voice from the trade: if the dreaded tin moth hasn't attacked, and the expensive bits work, £1000 is a cracking price. What the buggeration were the dealer offering him??

    CAP Black Book (Mileage Adjusted)

    Below Average £1250
    Average £1600
    Clean £2050

    And these are trade figures!

    And with full dealer history (which should mean the timing belt is OK), your mate will have spent megabucks over the years.

    Apart from rust, sticky transfer boxes and the tendency to eat turbos, they are pretty notorious for minor niggles as reported above - switches, locks, electrics but if you get a good one (built on a Wednesday NOT Friday!) it'll plod on forever.
  12. You'd like to think so wouldn't you. You really do need to look for that yellow square....the misalignment may not show for quite some time...of course, it might not be's a chance you take. Full dealer history is no guarantee that your machine will be free from this.

    Having said that...I would echo everthing else that has been said. If you don't have it...can you let me have the guys details. For that money I'd certainly be interested.
  13. Cheers guys for the info

    pick it up after work tommorrow :) was too good not to buy ,got a few scratches and dings but nothing major.

    got a folder full of receipts with it of all the services and the letter off Land Rover about the recall on the cambelt which has been done so nothing to worry about there thankfully.

    Had a good look round for rust ,I think that for next mot theres a few patches that might be required on the boot floor but apart from that, theres not much rust about,think its got alot to with it being waxoiled every 2 years.

    talking to him he said the dealer offered him a measley £900 part ex on a 1 year old Discovery 3 TDV6
  14. Jesus Christ on a fecking velocipede.

    £900 squids?? Best part of £500 behind bottom book against something that'll probably have a margin of £2k across it? (Unless your mate negotiated the hell out of them on the windscreen price, then lobbed in the part ex and they decided to bid him in the bollox).

    If that isn't the case, make a sentence from the following words: Barstewards. Gypsy. Theiving.
  15. No fecking wonder people hate the motor trade! That's just would break for shedloads more than that!