Land Rover 3/4 Tonne, FFR History and Photographs - Reg No 68 HG 25


Dear All,

This is my first post, so please treat me gently.

I have owned a 1980 3/4 tonne FFR Landy for the past 12 years, and have always been curious about its military career. I have the history cards and would like to learn more about the various "previous owners".

Army Reg - 68 HG 25
Date In Service - 1 Nov 1980
July 1981 to Nov 1982 - 603 (RAF) FAC SECT
Nov 1982 to July 1983 - 19 Inf Bde HQ & Sig Sqn
July 1983 to Nov 1986 - 562 RLD (Inf Bn)
Nov 1986 to July 1998 - 4 QLR

Any information or in service photographs would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


Thanks for the link. All information is appreciated.

I have assumed that 603 TACP and 603 (RAF) FAC SECT are indeed the same thing, as what goes on a record card is only whats on the paperwork.

I know 603 TACP was in the Falklands and was attached to the SAS, but there are so many differing views of what vehicles were taken its almost impossible to know exactly.
603 Tactical Air Control Party (Forward Air Control). Some TACPs - particularly those in airborne roles were RAF maned but administered by the Bde Signals Squadron, which is why the RAF might have had an Army landrover.


Thanks for the info, another piece of the puzzle drops into place.


I was in 19 Bde HQ on the dates mentioned.


Cheers oldbaldy, do you have any information on the HQ & Signals Squadron? When stripping the layers of paint from the Landy I found 19/1 stenciled on the drivers' side front wing and panel next to the tail gate. I assume these are divisional markings when it belonged to 19 Bde, but i would value your opinion.


562 Rear Link Det was a R Signals unit at Colchester that was attached to (as of Jan 1983) 2 R Anglians, part of 19 IB. Sometime after 1985 the Inf Bns started using their own personnel for signals work and the RLDs were disbanded.

Hexi Block

4 Queens Lancashire Regiment, would be a inf TA unit the veh being a 110 would have been under the command of the signal platoon as a command post. CV1 CV2 CV3 or a coy det CP. most other posts filled by 90's.

Tac p's would have had ffrs to work from but tactically like the inf cp's would be manpacked a lot.

I can remember RLD in the 1990. Use to wire into the bn/bg cruciform. Sure of it.

If its a petrol soft top, could have been used in QLR's recce pl. Stripped down and covered in a bush!
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Thanks LD17 the information fills in a little more of the blanks


Cheers Hexi Block, the landy is indeed a soft top Series 3 FFR and I am certain was used as a recce vehicle by 4QLR as the inside rear was painted matt black and there are numerous holes in the rear floor.

Hexi Block

I was sg pl for some years, dont know if your interested in the radios clipped in tent how we wired them up some of how packed or worked from them.

Not much of a grease monkey and only spent 6 months as recce det commander so limited recollections on the petrol. I think they were series 3 lannys 110 FFR'S.


Thanks Hexi Block, I currently have the following setup VRC321, VRC353 and PRC352 installed as per the relevant instructions (see photo). But any information of radio setups throughout the vehicles life is interesting.
FFR setup.jpg
Don't go OTT with the Clansman kit. What you have in there probably suffices for a 'clear' det. Don't fit a SURF to the 321 as you've left it as a single HF. Det. I would suggest that the 353 would probably have been on the opp side with a gap in between just to let air circulate better.
Ex scalie!

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Hexi Block

I agree with J T.

A command post would have a ukprc320 in there as well where your ukprc352 is (or otherside ). Your vrc321 TURF & SURF would be opposite to that due to ant's.

So 321 on one side 320 on the other. This means your VRC353 would go in middle or as far over to the side as possible to create more space on the bread board and for ventalation purposes. 352 therefore would put in the remainder of space. Allowing connections to PDB, SHIT BOX, DCCU.
Another reason to get your 353 over was that we use to carry an IBMU too.

I think you have your surf on 352 connected very rarely used and only used if needed. 20 Watt connected for veh station turning your 351 to a 352. But if you do ever take it for a walk with trailing wire, .6, or 1.2, make sure you disconnect it and revert to 351 for man pack. You can then use it with a GSA ( an excellent bit of kit ) as a 352 ground station ( off your back and on the ground! ). Try to get an EKGSA for FIBUA and trees.
The ventalation is important. To give you an idea, on an op/ex you would be under no light no noise routine. Meaning that that interior had a screen down between the cab and rear to allow normally tank lights to illuminate a battle board on one side and two operators on the other.
When you got to where you were going a 9x9 got put on the back IR sheet to keep in the heat and cam nets. then you could open the door and work of an ops table. Suffice to say it was warm enough to dry kit out. Mine invariably had socks hanging over the dexian. This was more a prob with hard tops.

Also the exhaust extension lead for yours is metal the black ones were for the diesels. The tent never fitted properly either as this was for your type.

Anyway looks good neat and tidy. Remember you were always striving to KISS. Try remoting an RCU in there for 1h/set for operator. We also use to use LSFS with a handset on bn/bg net for watchkeeper to listen too and jump on when needed. So a m/pack would have h/set for operater wth handset always attached for someone who was needed on net.

Gone on a bit. Hope you dont mind, just see so many re enactors get stuff wrong. Best you can do is take it to breacon for 2weeks in the rain live out of it and try to keep in contact with a mate 24 hrs aday do a few manpacks of a couple days each and you'll get more of an understanding and look. I forgot to mention 58 pattern webbing wouldn't go amiss either in there. Also a D10 birds nest although for remoting we always used black and tan det cord and have a remote box made up and wired in at the back door.

Ill try to get some photos but.might have to dr them a bit never took many back in the day.

All the best H B


Hi guys

Many thanks for the informative replies they are greatly appreciated. My aim is to keep it to a set up that is detailed in the Army Pubs. I am acutely aware how many people stuff their Ex-Army FFR's with spurious kit thinking that have it how it was in service. The amount you see running about covered in antennas, with the wrong bases in the wrong positions.

Excuse the bag for the Pineapple on the radio table as I am still unloading after War and Peace. I do indeed have the GSA and a EKGSA as well as 5.4m Mast, 12m Mast, Inverted V antenna Kit, Dipole Antenna and the Ground Mounted Monopole Antenna. Kinda went mad buying clansman kit (shiny thing syndrome), so have a good collection of radios too. The ferret is fitted with 353 and 352 (with full harness too).

The aim is to give a true representation of the radios carried and used, not to overload it so there is no space for anything else. Call me picky but seeing vehicles piled high with kit, especially when its hanging off everywhere get my goat.

I realize that the published setup's and combinations are what was supposed to be, and not always what was actually used as each unit had their own way of configuring sets.

Having worked for the MOD for 24 years and dealt with projects like BOWMAN, I know how hard it is to get things set up as specified, as vehicles are all built differently. Especially true with armour, fit out kits for Chally 2 BOWMAN were changed regularly due to items in the turret being in different positions.

Once again many thanks to you both.

For curiosity value here's the setup in the Ferret.


Hexi Block

Looks mint. I will be honest its the first time I've seen inside a ferret so ta. I also have no pics of the rad set ups in our vehs sorry. But def you should space the VRC's regardless of pam.

Our only guidance to setting up a veh was how many nets on vhf/hf it needed to support . you just had to make it work. Although platoons/units would try to use the same template all the way through to packing lists. That way personnel swapping had little operational impact as the evhf or petrol jerrycan for genny were always in the same place.

Hope to see some more of your pics well done.
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iraqui radio.jpg


Cheers HB, I will have a look at having a move about of the VRC's when i strip it out for winter use.

The ferret was in a right state when we bought it, took 8 months to do all the way down to bare hull and up again to a point where we could use it. The first outing was a 45 mile drive to War and Peace show in 2008. Have slowly been getting all the bits sorted, Still need to do the final coat of Nato Green and Black Camo. 50mph and 9 miles to the gallon.

Interesting pic, was that in a armoured vehicle?, looks as good inside as my ferret did when i bought it.

The entire fleet taken at WnP in 2010.


Hexi Block

In this one i think, an MT_LB not sure what the derivative it is.

By the way very envious of your MT det.
Fair play to you for what you do. Plenty on here would cry Walt but i think its great what you do and more importantly ask us lot about stuff.
Those idiots poncing about in pinkies in modern gear alluding to be SAS or indistinguishable from serving soldiers really grip my shit though.

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Hmmmm, I wonder where it is now? It would make an interesting addition.

I understand the sentiment of those who served, and agree that there are a load of Walts out there, but having worked closely with the armed forces and the Army in particular I appreciate what you guys and girls go through. Just so you know, I worked for the Defence Pacakging Authority dealing with the packaging of spares and equipment. You know all those lovely fibreboard boxes and layers of polyethylene or grease that all military spares arrived in, well I was responsible for seeing they were done correctly, and the the suppliers knew what the MOD wanted.

I still walk round militaria stalls looking at the packaging and saying "I know who did that", sad i know.

My theory is to return a vehicle to a point in its history, to be as accurate as possible, but also to use and enjoy it. I do not dress up in battle dress and webbing, just wearing dpm and a GS shirt to loosely fit in with the vehicles period.

For me it is the vehicle that is the interesting thing.

If I do dress to suit the vehicle then I portray Royal Signals, as that's who operated the FFR and the Ferret.

I have always said there are 3 berets I will never wear. The Royal Marines, The Parachute Regiment and the SAS. I have no right to wear them as I have not earned them.

I too detest those who dress to impress thinking that they know it all and add all the kit possible. Faking vehicles and always trying to convince people its genuine. I think the worst lot are the airsoft brigade, derssing up usually as US SF and patrolling shows as if they are patrolling the streets in Iraq of Afghanistan.

Rant over...........................................

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