Land Rover 127 ambulance tyre pressures

Can’t find/filter a clear answer for this online so i’d Better ask the experts.

I’m running an 1989 127 defender ambulance on bulked up suspension with Goodrich AT tyres

The stencilled pressures (civilian ambulance service) are 65 psi rear 40 psi front

Had to deflate my four corners on the beach today to avoid getting stuck and gophered by Neptune.

What psi should I be running them at on the road

Cheers big ears
Always thought those pressures were high but that is what "da" man says. They are a tad heavy so I would go with those figs when loaded. Personally I would go for 45 rear (roughly 3bar) and 36 (2,5 front) on roads though they are skitery at the best of times. On sand and mud I have my 2A with innertubes at about 15psi (1bar) and that works well. NB mine isn't an ambulance but probably weighs the same with my welding.
I run my 127 40 psi front, 50 to 60psi rear on BFGs. I messed around with the pressures for a while and this is where I ended up. Seems about right, temperatures are even over the tread after a motorway run and the tyres wear out evenly.
Thank you gentlemen. I'll experiment and report back
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