Land Rover 110 APV-NI 1980s

Made a post recently that referred to the upright stability, or sometimes the lack of, of the 110 Armoured Patrol Vehicle. Certainly in the late 80's I recall RCT drivers being brought in to drive for us (until a conversion course was established?!). I have included a pic of an experimental turret that I used briefly in West Belfast 85 (RUC New Barnsley), and as you can see the ballistic windows got smashed by bricks etc, and because of inertia it was no good as a stable firing platform, did anyone else get to use this?. I also remember the sport of "Urban Surfing" ( I didn't do it, but saw a couple of lads try it!!) there was also a lad trying to do a back somersault off the roof and landing on his face on the step, oops! What are other arrser's experiences of this vehicle including the non lethal projectiles (wine bottle full of p*ss) that came your way. It was pretty quick and more comfortable than the older Lanny's but was so easy to tip at moderate speeds.


From L/Derry early 90's. Recall them being slightly roomier, comfier and a little quicker. Rolled like a bugger on corners though. Never quite felt safe taking bends in them at any speed. Know of one that tipped injuring one of the top cover lads. IIRC he was R Anglian, 1992. Never seen the turret though. Interesting concept but did it not seriously limit your arcs of vision and fire?
Yes foggy, the turret revolved freely by releasing a brake, operated with your left hand, leaving one hand on your rifle, but it span a little too easy and was influenced by inertia, gravity, and hard braking-also you were free standing in the back of the land rover with nothing to lean on for support, the joys of funded experiments!!
Frig that. Top cover in those things was an uneasy experience at the best of times without having to deal with all that!
Yeah, dodgy enough most times, but in the rain, snow and freezing weather it was a pain in the arse!!
Not seen that turret before and quite frankly, the APVs didn't need extra mass on top! The BR Bn before us rolled one near the Crum Rd I think. A bit of a mess by all accounts. At the time (W Belfast, NHM 89) we still had RCT drivers and bloody good they were too. One of our c/s up at Fraggle Rock (Fort Whiterock) got engaged by an RPG up on the Monagh Bypass. The rear wagon took a direct hit to the front end and wiped out the front wheel. Instead of stopping and allowing the blokes to debus, the RCT driver carried on driving until he got to the Andy Town nick. The subsequent follow up indicated that at the RPG FP, there was an M60 team waiting to take out the guys if they had debussed!
An engagement by M60 would've been a potential "spectacular"! I thought the APV's were quite well armoured and have experienced this first hand, as well as seeing other c/s from my unit taking ied hits in this vehicle. This was the preferred and more numerically available transport as opposed to the older Macralon(?) vehicles around. I know there were rolling issues, but protection wise, it was the better choice.
Our COs Rover Gp rolled one on the Carlisle Circus roundabout in the middle of the afternoon. Brought nearly all of North Belfast to a standstill.

We had a mix of RCT and our own drivers in the BRB in 1990 but it was mainly RCT. Within our coy I only remember the OCs Rover Gp being regularly driven by jocks.

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