Land Rover 101 Forward Control

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by PandaLOVE, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. 101s, aren't they just nails looking? There are a couple of these for sale on Ebay and I'm interested in buying one then converting it into a mobile home from home before setting off all across the UK as part of my post Army mid life crisis. Wikipedia and other places offer a lot of info. but I'd like to ask those who drove and maintained 101s of their opinions of these 4x4s? What are their pros and cons?


  2. Basically don't . I owned one a few years ago and yes they are nails but cost a fooking fortune to run and maintain. If you have endless supplies of wonga then do it if not then bin the idea, sorry can,t be up more upbeat but i,m just being honest.

  3. Honesty is most appreciated RM, thank you. Nope, no wads of spare wonga over here. There's a 101 on ebay with a 2.8 Isuzu diesel fitted. Is it mainly the running gear that is crap? Some 101s have the 3.5 V8 which is a cracking motor.
  4. Thank you jarrod. I'd seen this site before, it's very good. :D

    Edit to add that it also shows you how easy it is to fcuk up something when you've a screwdriver in hand and a idea in head!
  5. Thank you JW. I will aslo buy this mag this week end.
  6. Hi again

    Yes mine was fitted with 3.5 lump , that was fine it was everything else diffs axles wiring etc etc.

    JUst one other thing to mention is are you looking at a 101 OR a forward control one ix ex mil the other errrr isnt. Now i,m not an anorak on the subject (honest :p ) but the forward control was used alot by civvie organisations such as fire, airports etc.
    The forward control is asthetically diffrent although i cant comment on the mechanical side of things i suspect the non military version would probably be more reliable !! and easier to deal with ie more standardised parts and not 24 volt electrics. ( note sure if that is right, probably talking out of my hole)
    Just a thought if the idea of buying one is get through the ole midlife crisis bit why not buy a BV206 , much better laugh and a damn site more reliable :D ( i didnt convince my boss to buy one :p )


    The man on telly
  7. Thanks RM. I'm unsure of the difference betwen 101 and FC. (I thought they were the same thing, doh!) but I have noticed some differences when googling them etc. I will look into that. I'm keen on the ex mil. hospital thingy.

    Before I go googling, what is a BV206? A Unimog of sorts?

  8. I agree. Definately other more spacious, economical and probably reliable options but I'm having one of my 'turns' in which all rational thinking is abandoned for between 2-5 days. I get it from my dad.

    If anything, this thread could help me cross said vehicle off the list of possibilities.

  9. do a google for bv206 hagglund , they are a real good laugh, the amout of times i drive into any water the onlookers chins are on the floor :D . just make sure the drain plugs are in 8O .
  10. used to drive one of these ( L/Rover 1 Tonne) back in the day (usually whilst towing a light gun!). Great fun hooning around the Plain when not towing said gun and 5 gun bunnies in the back, not too shabby offroad but will lift 1 or 2 wheels if your not too careful with the right foot & drank petrol like a Demented thirsty thing espeacialy when caned! If keeping the 3.5L Rover engine think about an LPG conversion ( approx £1000 fitted ) currently £0.55 a litre at Flowgas but available at quite widely these days.
    Not too bad too maintain though getting at some parts on the engine can be pig! Some model specific parts getting scarce ( try owners clubs/registers) others ok to get from independent L/Rover garages (main dealers can charge an arm & a leg for some things!). Enjoy!! I certainly did :D

    Apologies for the length of post!
  11. this is true but fooking good fun.
    What about some of the ex russian gear a tatra or zil summit along those lines just a thought.


    The man on the telly
  12. Pinzgauer, ex-ambulance is the way to go. Portal axles and normally a bullet proof VW petrol or diesel lump. True 6x6 drive and hard as fcuking nails.

    Do hate to say it, as the 101s have me nursing a semi really, really quickly; but by all accounts the Pinzs are the way to go
  13. The FC 101 is mechanically an early Range Rover.
    Parts are plentiful and they are great fun. All V8's originally although diesel conversions are common.
    The earlier Forward Control was the 11B with smaller engines and very underpowered. Very different to look at.
    They are pretty capable off road but they do have a higher centre of gravity than standard Land Rovers. In original form the V8 is only around 90bhp in a 101 but very easily tuned.
    Asides from running costs and maintenance associated with an old vehicle the only downside is a tendancy to fall over if pushed hard (adds to the fun)
    Radio/Ambulance bodied ones are pretty top heavy and the GS with canvas top is much better to play with.

    Great fun but not cheap to live with
  14. Thanks to all for the useful stuff so far.

    There was a Russian Zil on Ebay recently and someone in UK imports them to customer requirements. The big 6 litre V8 beast does just 3.6 mpg! As if the 'point' of a miles made any difference!

    Looked up the BV206. There was a program earlier this week about Barbour, tartan and other English fashion icons and a high-falutin' chap on the program was driving a BV206. Lovely looking vehicle. Would they be thirsty on juice?