Land Permission in NW area.

Ok this is my first post, i would of posted in the Introduce yourself section but i wanted to put a display picture up before I do that and seems on Dii computer it won't let me. Not much to say to be fair (Im 24 Class 2 Reme Armourer). Ok enough of that, I bought a air rifle over a year ago now, and have been wanting to do a bit of venturing out doors with it. (Few wood pigeons in the garden is getting boring). I am bassically looking for a place in the north-west /northwales/ north side of brum (within 2 hours drivefrom liverpool) to do a bit of air rifle shooting. I just need somewere like a farm or piece of land really that you can give persion on. I woulden't mind trying to get a few rabbits nearer to easter time when they come out but pest control at the moment would satisfy me. I have a .22 air rifle with a sight (12lbft so within legal limit) and I also have air rifle insurance incase of a stray pellet (which i dout because i wouldent be shooting into the air).Anyways , Drop me a PM if you can help me :) Many thanks in adavance.

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