land of hope & glory

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by growler, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. Watching "the west wing" the other night and, at a graduation ceremony, the band was playing "Land of hope & glory". Is there anything significant about this song in the states?
  2. It's played at graduations of all types. High school, college etc.

    I think the words are equally applicable to both countries.
  3. Not to be too much of an old rupert, but Land of Hope and Glory is the title of the lyrics written for Pomp and Circumstance (Op. 39: March 1 in D - to be precise). That's what they play at the graduation ceremonies. The lyrics were added later, and not written by Elgar, but Benson.

    The Yanks have also got a bastardised version of "God Save the Queen."
    Here's the lyrics:

    My country, 'tis of thee
    Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing;
    land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims pride,
    from ev'ry mountainside

    Let Freedom Ring, let it's music resound throughout the nation.
    Let it celebrate sweet liberty that is keeping us free and strong
    Let Freedom Ring, and let everyone share its inspiration.

    Let the promise not be satisfied until no one's denied its song
    It's a dream to build upon.
    We take the dream and pass it on (and on) and on (and on) and on

    Let Freedom ring for the children of ev-ry generation]
    May the love of freedom always ring and let everyone sing a long
    It's a dream (it's a dream) to build upon.
    We'll take the dream and pass it on (and on) and on (and on)
    and let freedom sing, (Let freedom ring.)

    Let freedom ring, for the children of ev'ry generation
    May the love of freedom always ring; it has brought us this far (it has brought us this far)
    it proclaims who we are (it proclaims who we are),
    and together we sing, "Let freedom ring,"
    (Peo-ple ev'rywhere, let freedom ring; people ev'rywhere let freedom ring
    People all o-ver the world let freedom ring
    People ev'rywhere let freedom ring People ev'ry where,
    let freedom ring; people ev'rywhere let freedom ring,
    People all over the world let freedom ring
    People ev'rywhere let freedom ring,
    people ev'rywhere let freedom ring

    I still wonder how they can let freedom "ring". I mean, it's not a bloody phone...and if it were, wouldn't you pick it up?

    Space out, dudes
  4. Ring as in Liberty Bell.
  5. tell that to the Indians , for a while the bit in the consistution
    " All men are created equal "
    didn't apply to them :lol:
  6. Yeah, but the liberty bell's broken :D
  7. Maoris, Aborigines, Sikhs, Hindus, Boers, Zulus, Arabs, Jews, Africans, Kurds, Pushtuns, Chinese...

    I wonder who their oppressors were?

  8. Wonder were this is going......
  9. The Romans, you must mean the Romans!
    No, seriously, I can't remember the Jews ever being oppressed by the British Empire. My ancestors fled to Scotland from France precisely because they were free of persecution there.

    And don't give me Southern Syria/"Palestine". That was a UN mandate, and people like the Stern Gang were the first to use terror tactics against civilians in that region.

    It's even quite ironic, really. That Vampire and opposition leader Michael Howard is a good Jewish bubi whose family fled the Nazis from Eastern Europe. Now, he wants to deny people like himself asylum if he comes to power by closing Britain to asylum seekers...
  10. For F sake can't Tracy-Paul get it right.

    At least get in the right order. First was 1704 when we took Gib from the spicks good old Marlborough, then it was Aurangzeb followed by French Acadia in 1710.

    Get your facts right you dizzy cow and your posts might have some credence.

    a. The Maori war or Maori’s war of 1845/72- are you including the battle of the ‘Pas’ (my term for the local war but a general term for any Maori fort) where , when the British Empire troops ran out of ammunition the Maoris ran down giving their enemies (i.e. the British) ammunition as “they liked to fight”?

    b. It’s well documented that the last Abo hunt was in the 1910’s so how come they are second? Should be last in any timeline.

    Daft moo.
  11. the british empire abolished slavery 40 years before USA :D
  12. A closer look at English history will correct you. At various times we in England have murdered/persecuted the Jews after taking their money. De-Montford comes to mind and the burning of the Jews in York 1190.
  13. I think I remember something 3 or 4 years ago about a US state finally ratifying the anti slavery bill, began with an M I think?
  14. Are you kidding? Everyone's had a go at the Jews sometime or other. By European standards, that's one of the best deals we've had. 800 years without getting burned at the stake, I can live with that!
    Back in those days, only the Muslims were treating us right. How times change...
  15. 1. It wasn't a timeline. It was a list.

    2. What's not right? No western civilization is innocent of oppressing or denying the rights of it's citizens or other indigent people. Singling out the USA and the Indians is a bit disingenuous; i.e. "The pot calling the kettle black."

    3. True, we took a long time to ratify civil rights for all citizens; but I'll match our efforts and progress against anyone else's to date. More people come to our country because of that progress than leave it.

    I'm not quite sure how to handle the "silly cow" remark, much of your slang still escapes me. However, in case my login name has something to do with that, I'd like to elaborate: I'm male. My wife, son and myself are all career military.