Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Geo_dude, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. The DIN is out at last. New Land Navigation SME is on DIN 2013 DIN 07-044 look to pages 18-20 Annex E. all dates up to March 2014. Pilot dates are also on there. New DAGR course is also now on.
  2. Being nowhere near DII you wouldnt fancy giving a short overview of the course? How long is it, what does it cover etc, roughly.

    Just beacuse im too lazy to phone someone and ask and too impatiant to wait until im back in!
  3. Right mate: The Land Navigation SME course will cover a 3 week period where the student will learn a range of Map reading and navigation techniques as well as the use of civvy and in service GPS/GNSS. They will also be required to plan Navigation exercises using mission planning software and assess navigation at both Basic competency (MATT 5) and Advanced competency in line with the navigation Review. Students must be SNCO (or above) with a teaching qualification (BIT, DIT, DTTT) and should expect to work evenings and weekends. They should also have a good basis of understanding of both navigation and GPS with some prior experience. On completion of the course they will be responsible for the training of Navigation at their respective units. They will be able to train their own Land Navigation Map Reading instructors to both Basic and Advanced Competency as well as train GPS instructors. The SME will be solely responsible for any training delivered by these instructors there fore he/she needs to ensure that they satisfy the unit training requirements as he/she will be signing off on it. All current MAPRIC instructors can still deliver MATT 5 training and can still sign off on it. SMEs' will be hunting down these people as that will be one less person for them to train. ATG have decreed that each Battalion should have 2 SMEs'. We will then give direction for training and lessons as well as inspect units training delivery and standard of delivery. We are now trying to track any navigation training of any type that is delivered due to some very bad practices that have been identified by ATG. They have basically said that if it is not sanctioned by us or an SME then it should not be delivered. My life is about to get quite busy. There are quite a few dinosaurs out there who will basically not want to budge as "this is the way we have always done it". A lot of shit is going to hit the fan as I'm already aware of certain places who will not want to change but will be in for a shock as the shit is rolling from quite high up and we have to sort it out.

    Course is on track for the moment with new kit ordered etc and new facilities being put in place.

    Hope this helps


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  4. Many thanks, course bid incoming...

    Will there be any way of assesing entry levels or are you taking an 'advanced competency' on the entrants word?
  5. Considering there are no SMEs' teaching advanced competency yet we have to take it on the "word" of the student that they are at a decent level. There will be a "diagnostic assessment" at the start of the course to see where the danger areas are and to assist students' as to where they need to concentrate. The course will be a little "nails" to start but will produce some good instructors. Good luck on your app mate

  6. Ho Geo Dude

    Any specifics for the TA?


  7. At present mate .... no. they know it WILL be problematic for the TA but there is bugger all I can do about it. Can't even spread this over a series of weekends as we have already condensed the course to its max. We will see what happens

  8. msr

    msr LE

    Will you be providing a 'uplift' course for those who already have MAPRIC?
  9. In short...... NO

    It's been looked at but due to cut backs and all the other bollox we don't have the time or man power to deliver an interim.

  10. Does this mean that the exisiting MATT 5 TA instructors will no longer be able to administer the MATT? If so, has Land made arrangements for Regs to teach?

  11. Plan ? Plan ? What f**king drugs are you on ??? ;-)
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Do read post no.3:
    And Geo Dude, please use the Enter key to paragraph your posts... It makes the info easier to find ;)
  13. Not sure how many times I've said this now mate, as I said in one of the first posts: ANYBODY who currently holds a MAPRIC qualification can still deliver MATT 5 training. There has never been a MATT 5 course. MATT 5 can only be delivered by a Map Reading Instructor or someone deemed a Competent Map Reader (again who is signed off by a Map Reading Instructor holding the MAPRIC qualification). I have recently taught many TA guys and girls on both MAPRIC and GPS instructors course to make sure we had some prospective SMEs' out there. It seems to me that the information is just not being passed out to those who really need to know it.

  14. I shall go and stand in the corner :)
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