Land Mines: Helping to bring an end to these cruel weapons

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. A Worthy Vote I think!

    These guys need to stay in the Top 20 by close of play tomorrow, I believe they are around 19th/20th...

    With a bit of ARRSE Help they may just do that :wink:

    Linky Here
  2. Holding 20th Spot at the moment... looks like a few ARRSER's have voted...
  3. At number 19
  4. It is a first sentence like that which makes me cringe and want to close the page. I always thought that only people could be irresponsible in how they use objects such as land-mines.
    Am I wrong in believing that there still is a necessity for a weapon like land-mines and it should be made a war-crime just laying them without fileing proper records and/or non-disclosure of such records once hostilities have ceased?

    Undeterred I read on:
    Now that I can support. Vote cast.
  5. Thanks PAra_Medic, I am in the same frame of mind, they have now dropped to 22nd place with several other tree hugging Orgs above them, at least this is related to something many of us are involved in and would rather see go to the Mine Action Cause than Help a Muppet elsewhere!
  6. Some Geek wanting to photograph Route 66 in Memory of his Father's Flower Power and Shagging Days is still ahead!
  7. How many? Lots! Note though that K5 was not laid by Khmer Rouge, who had been pushed out of the country into Thailand by then. Those responsible were Vietnamese/Cambodian Government forces, who ran Cambodia from 1979 (end of Pol Pot regime) until I think 1989. No maps, no marking, no nothing, and wet weather conditions mean the mines move around all the time - so clearance is not easy. Mostly Chinese and Russian mines, some Vietnamese types too.
  8. Voted, gd luck to them.
  9. Voted ... can I have my leg back now please?
  10. Looks like they received quite a boost by the ARRSE Members and actually overtook the Route 66 entry and several others, Well Done fellow Arrsers...