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Land for Rent

Good CO

Thanks to Bee I've managed to solve the rent problem and have started to blocks of land up for rent at L$1000 - 1500 per week - ie about 2 quid. To rent just look for one of the "for rent" cubes in the area by the castle.

Roll up roll up...
For £1000 how much land (compared to Minxy's Castle) roughly would that be?

Does this mean potentially the island itself could expand?

Good CO

Best way is to go and have a look. Right click on the ground by the 'for rent' cubes and you'll see a yellow boundary appear. Off the top of my head I don't know how big the castle is.

BTW £2 - for 1000 you can get the whole place!

Considering that 98 prims isnt that much if you plan to get a bit Handy Andy with your piece of land, do you know if linked prims count as 1? Cant find the answer on the knowledgebase.

Good CO

I don't think they do. The prims number wasn't set by me but is the default - ie the same number of prims per unit of area as the island as a whole. It is possible to reduce the number in some areas and increase in another, but I'm loathe to do this. It would be better to combine two lumps of rented land - let me know if you want this. It's certainly cheap enough! (we won't meet the costs with this rent price)

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