Land Fire Power Demo

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by emptyeye, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Anyone have a date and contact for tickets for this years Fire Power Demo assuming its still on and we can afford it?.

    I have a contact at Land and hes not seen anything to date.
  2. its normally september/october time, ask around after summer leave!!
  3. 2 april 09 warminster
  4. Really...thats v early!!!
  5. How do you go about getting to see that?
  6. So nobody knows what date it really it is.and how to get tickets..last year it pi$$sed it down
  7. ASS,

    Pse check PMs.

  8. Firepower demo started last week. First real day was today. Then the real days are tomorrow and Thursday.
    Run by 3 Mercian BG. Today was very good. I was the 1 of the DSO's for the range today.

    This year it was a ticket only affair. 1500tickets were avail. Today was family day. Only VIP tickets for the rest of the week.

    Next 1 is in Oct. The 1 currently on now is instead of the demo that should of been done in Oct just gone.
  9. WOW :D RE-DSO i'd love to know who you are!! as there were only 3 DSO's there.

    DSO 1 - Batsims.
    DSO2 - Python.
    DSO 3 - EMOE.

    All engineer types..... please enlighten me as this has had the rest of us in amusement!! :? :? as well as caused much discussion at work?

  10. Are these as good as the old SuperWEDs? Or better?
  11. That firepower demo was the bain of my life when I was in Warminster!

    Has it gone back to twice a year? It was changed to once a year whilst I was there.
  12. It's just random now!

    It's like the weather .... and depends on popularity!! :D
  13. Certainly looks like it 13th October is the next one according to my calendar
  14. Any tickets going spare for it please?