Land Command - Christmas Leave or Budgetary Measure?


Is it true that Land Command at Wilton is shutting down for Christmas from AD next Fri – not because this is some generous holiday entitlement but rather because there is no money to fund the heating and lighting. Apparently everyone at Land has been ordered to work from home.

Is this really true? Has the central command for the UK Land Forces really been driven to this ridiculous state?

Please, please, please tell me that I am wrong! :cry:


You're wrong.

OK, I lied. You're right.

But there is still some trade union hurdles to clear. Its so unfair to give people time at home to further their personal development when some haven't got leave saved!
Maybe if the DLO turned off the lights in building 300 at Andover few nights a week Land could afford to turn theirs on in the day.


Fleeces and torches.... what is wrong with these people!! 8O
Chances are it'll make Land more productive - and it is a wonderful festive precedent. We could shut the commissariat at Upavon and just forget to re-open it after Christmas. Who'd notice?
this is probably being sold as a cost cutting measure but really is cunning plan to give the land wallahs some much earned (WAAHHH) leave.


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Sounds great but isn't part of the job for those back here to support those out there.

Two things spring to mind:

1. The Armed Forces answerphone message doing the rounds no longer seems like a joke.

2. The Carlsberg advert with the complaints desk phone ringing!

I have 50p for the meter if it helps....................


Surely not im stuck there til the 19th !!!!


im sure the powers that be will publish it on orders eventualy


Trunnion-Tilt said:
I remember a certain PSAO turning the heating off over the Xmas leave, It cost the Army thousands to repair the burst pipes.

I didnt realise the heating got turned on !!!!
I'm at a different unit that is tri-service and they've decided to close the mess also for almost 2 weeks over Christmas even though it will be business as usual for us watchkeepers......


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rubicon said:
Apparently everyone at Land has been ordered to work from home.

I suppose that Health and Safety audits will have been completed for homeworkers?

According to the Sun, some may not be able to afford to heat their homes by day and night. Will the RAO be writing to the Inland Revenue to allow everyone to claim tax relief on their fuel and light bill for December, as they are required to work from home?

Will everyones home number now be included in Directory Services? There must be a clause in the DII contract that covers this additional data-entry requirment.

I hear that HQ Strike Command will also be closing down from AD Friday as a gesture of solidarity.

Will Fleet be showing similar support? If NW have got NATO to pay the fuel and light bill, perhaps the Victory Building in the Dockyard will step up to the tri-service line instead?
The Sgts Mess always used to close over Xmas in Blandford.
The ARRC Mess would close if there was a Sports Afternoon, forcing us to go and scoff with the fossils in the RASU Mess.
Must remember to do my 'Banner Christmas shopping' from the stationery cupboard before Land closes then. Otherwise it's going to be another Post-It free Christmas....

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