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When I was interviewed for my FAC I couldn't demonstrate sufficient experience of shooting small game with firearms on open land so I have a "restricted" ticket limiting me to shooting over land which the chief plod deems suitable. Apparently putting holes in Fig 11s on Sennybridge doesn't count as shooting over open ground!

Two and a half years later I'm getting a little tired of shooting the same land (which is cleared) and would like to try some other areas. I've not been through the process of getting land "deemed suitable" - what do I have to do and is it an easy or tedious exercise?

And what do I do to demonstrate that I'm now competent and get myself onto an "open" ticket?
I had exactly the same attitude from my local plod. Having been shooting in and out of HM's uniform since I was twelve, Commissioned Officer (Meaning that I have it in writing that the Queen herself reposes in me: "Trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage and Good Conduct".), Qualified Range Officer (Army & Civilian), shooting live quarry with a shotgun for donkeys, etc., etc. cut no ice at all.

So, having been shooting on my designated piece of land for about the time that you have, I wrote to plod and asked for an Open Certificate. (On no basis really - well I hadn't actually shot anyone in that time.) One interview later, with someone who did not have clue, and I got my Open Certificate.


Usually its about 3 years which is linked to the old lifetime of the FAC. That said for a while Sussex lost the plot and gave everyone with a course in stalking cert an open license. they shut that door pretty quickly and are up to their usual tricks regarding mentoring, land approval and training courses, not to mention silly ideas about moderators being calibre secific (rather than .30 or less etc) and also silly ideas on amounts of ammo.


I think he was asking about an open cert, I have one but its for all of my weapons, if you are new it takes a bit of time, he has become bored with the same nit of ground.
Basically you are right though, if you get written permission then the rozzers should have a register of the land which is cross checked from different forces. Beware though that Surrey have a poor reputation for keeping their land register up to date. If you have an open ticket then its up to you to make the call if the land is safe to shoot over.
I encouraged them to open mine by submitting a string of permissions for different smallish packets of land, including one farm that I submitted in five instalments. Eventually they offered to open my ticket.

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