LANCS at Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by baseline, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. I was considering LANCS asa choice of arm at the Sandhurst RSB. Can anyone give me a realistic viewpoint of the Regiment (in general, not just regarding the incidents with Baha Musa) and ideas of competition for the Regiment?

  2. Lancs isn't the QLR.
  3. Did Telic 11 with them. Before I continue, why The Lancs?
  4. local infantry regiment. To me it woudl seem a more obvious choice than a Scottish Regiment.

    I know it was QLR though i am aware they amalgamated into the Duke of Lancasters
  5. To be honest it wouldn't do for me to air my opinion on here about things that happened five years ago. Having worked with several Inf types, from armoured to light, as an enlisted man, it'd be your job to get involved with your CoC and make a differance.
    Squaddies are squaddies..........
  6. I've just commisioned in august, there wasn't that much competition for places in the Lancs, but the people they did take were all top third quality guys, good lads as well.

    I'm too much of a newbie to be able to say what they are like as a unit, but I think its quite telling that they have a good showing at PCD at Brecon with the numbers there as instructors.
  7. Or maybe the good blokes are escaping the Regt by getting detached/attatched out.......
    Get stuck in though!
    All the blokes are good.
  8. As an elisted man. Are you American?
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  9. No, I'm just a drunk. However, now that I'm sober again, I still can't remember what I am though.
    A Regular?
  10. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Reminds me of a conversation between a Churchill and an Astor (no body mention Black Princes, Blenheim threw their hand in last time I was 'at'/in Oxford; all souls rather than arrseholes!)...surely enlisted merely means on a list, rather than NCO/Warranted or Commisioned?

    (Edited to ask original question. Are QLR a company as per the Kingos in the DoL's? I recall the 300th year parade at Chester as a youngun.)
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  11. I'm not sure what that question means.
    When the LANCS (not DoL) were formed, there were 3 battalions, split down as follows:
    1 LANCS - QLR

    3 LANCS soon got disbanded, and split between the other 2 Bns. There is still a strong presence of QLR and Kings in 1 and 2 LANCS respectively, but becoming more diluted as time goes by.

    Hope that helps
  12. There was never a 3 LANCS. KORBR got divied up between the other two from the start. That was always the plan.

    LANCS is not QLR. They are a decent regiment with their own fair share of good blokes and mongs.
  13. Yes there was, I was in it.

    Try this:
    Duke of Lancaster's Regiment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. Sorry joelndec. My mistake.

    I wonder why KORBR became 3 LANCS when they were senior to QLR and KINGS.
  15. RHQ KORBR lost the argument as they were the most under-manned (although their retention was much higher).