Lance Sergeants in the Mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by trojan, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. Just wondered what non Household division members think about having Lance Sergeants using the Sergeants mess ?
    What they do in thier own barracks is fine but how do people generally react to having a bunch of full corporals ( cos thats what they are ) using the Sgts mess in say a garrison mess ? Or for that matter having visiting Guards lance Sergeants using a non garrison mess .
  2. What about 'Lance Corporal of Horse' then?

    Quote from Queen’s Regulations, Annex A, Para 52, Page 2A – 6A

    Now does that mean ALL Sergeants Mess's or just Household Division one's?
  3. I'm not Household Div myself, however, I don't see the need to interfere with tradition. I have had LSgts stay in several of my Messes as living-in members and as visitors and have always found that they have conducted themselves very well.
  4. In fact QRs mandate that LsCOH and LSgts be allowed in all Sgts Messes.
  5. In my book if it says SGT on pay packet they should get in no probs if not; well The Junior ranks cook house is not so bad!!

  6. What about 'Lance Corporal of Horse Smith' then?
    The Household Cav would not have a look in according to your rules - Not a Sergeant among them!
  7. Cpl of horse will most likely have SSgt on his pay statement or what ever that rank equates to in the rest of the army.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well I have been a member of Messes where Lance Sergeants were not allowed - QRs or not. They aren't Sergeants, they are Corporals, no matter how much Queen Vic disliked the word. Once the RSM got quite stroppy during the end of an Op Banner Tour, and it nearly resulted in a mass brawl. Result was, their Corporals were not allowed into the Mess until the actual time of Handover. After that, they could lower standards to their heart's content.
  9. One of many strange traditions in the British Army. Bit like RLC Conductors requiring approval from the Commanding Officer to become an honorary member of a non-RLC Sergeants Mess.

    Long may these traditions continue!
  10. ok then guys .....what about local sgts ? do they get all mess privilages ?
  11. if you had been one you would know, and if you are a snco already have look who is allowed to use your mess
  12. thankyou for your font of you think i waste my time to post questions like this so i can be entertained by stupid answers from the likes of you .....fool
  13. I knew a local sgt in bosnia that got full mess privillages

    oh and did he lord it up

    Best bit was he also got a full mess bill which wiped the smirk off his face, espically as he was widely disliked and no one wanted him there so he spent most of his tour in a corrimec
  14. I believe that Local Sgt rank allows the individual to use the Mess facilities provided they agree to pay a Mess bill. I think that they cannot be forced to pay a Mess bill as they are gaining no financial benefit from local rank. I would think that it would be assumed that most (if not all) would opt to wear the rank given the opportunity and use the Mess.
  15. thanks guys for all your info , interesting views and points.