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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tomahawk6, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. One of my favorite US blogs has acquired two British Army lance's that were declared surplus.They were formerly with the 12th Royal Lancers.The question is why these lances have diamond shaped lance heads rather than the more usual triangular shape.Thanks for the help !Images at the link.

    Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys.. - The lances...
  2. While you're waiting for a knowledgeable answer, I'll throw in a guess. The 1860 pattern was diamond shaped so that it could be pulled out almost as easily as it was shoved in, then re-used. The 1894 pattern has a hooked base because tactics had shown that after the initial use of a lance, a sword would be a more appropriate weapon in a melee; the hooked shape resisted being pulled out and therefore acted as an encumbrance to an enemy who was not fatally wounded or discouraged the enemy from using it against the Lancer.

    PS I discovered years ago that if you state something with sufficient confidence, people will believe you, no matter how implausible the statement...
  3. Seem's plausible :)
  4. Considering he wants them identifying he could have taken some decent pictures. I have an India Pattern one. I posted it up a few years ago on the lance thread.

  5. Nice pic's
  6. EX_STAB aka Auntie Wainwright.

    Three pairs of binos near the window??? Don't you know that you can get done for staying in equipped?
  7. But you are correct. Probably.
  8. 50 Missile had nice Lances

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  9. Only if the Americans let them play though...
  10. Yes, but give me a minute and I'd be able to come up with an equally plausible reason for the opposite.

    Mass debating or master baiter - excellent qualities for a career in government.
  11. Int Corps training perhaps?

  12. Staff College ? :)
  13. You would need to look at the List of Changes to see what the specification was...

    Failing that the sealed pattern for the point may still be in the Pattern room collection at Leeds.. Not sure Herbie was that into pointy stuff, but worth a try... and they have a reasonably full set of List of Changes
  14. No. I used to work for a consultancy.