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i have come across a few mentions of 50 missrable deploying in the 1st gulf war, did they take their lance missiles with them, if so did they use them in anger???? or was it just a case of battle feild replacements??
What conventional warheads? Lance had two warhead types; nuclear, concrete ballast for range firing. Rumour was that UK never bought the conventional warhead.

Memory isn't all it should be but I'm pretty sure they didn't deploy with missiles because the out of service date was already scheduled and final firing camp was in 90.
Le Miserables, did not deploy as a regiment on Granby, but may have had elements out there...Not sure though? Certainly not with 4th Armd anyway, as for 7th? I very much doubt it!
50 Regiment did not deploy to OP Gramby as a Regiment.
However members of the Regiment did deploy on GW1. A large contingent of volunteers was dispatched to several Regiments prior to deployment to bring those units up to war strength and remained on attachment for pre-deployment training, the Operation itself and were not released back to the Regiment until after post Op leave.
A second body of volunteers from the Regiment also deployed after commencement of operations as Battlefield Casuaty Replacements. This was also the case for members of other Gunner Regiments not on the orbat who also sent similar again both as augmentees and BCR.
At no tiime did UK Lance deploy in theatre.
No Lance MMAs left Pombsen for GW1 and we were still looking after them in the mid 90s. The MMAs were refurbished and were still being fired in the Hebs til at least 95.

Lance Platoon, 52 Ord Coy, was a great place to be. The civvys around Pombsen and Neiheim really did not like our Lizard Suited convoys out to Emden!!

Did shift a lot of 155/MLRS/120 Fin though!!
The yanks deployed lance in the gulf in HE role as they made a commeritive coin stating it was deployed there, however i do believe this was kept hidden as it would of caused concern deploying nukes etc , As for 50 msl lads , a lot went to different units during the Gulf war, as we had lost our Nuke role, but i also seem to remember we had a He role for a littile while until they decided to chop the launcher mount's up to keep the rusky's happy
Only time I saw anything of the Lance was about 10 years ago when I was working for SERCo on an air Weapons Range. They had lots of the carrier vehicles for scrap and kept a few back for use on the range. Naughty but handy vehicle for use on the beach.
I was a amongst a number of Gunners from 50 who deployed during Op Granby, we were deployed throughout most Gunner Regiments from the start (just to raise the standards of the Royal Regiment you understand).

Lance was deployed during the conflict by the SPAMs but not in the nuclear capacity.

It was a good regiment that should have re-roled rather than disband, but there we go.
Hope all is well.
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