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Lance live firing

There are a few lance live firing video footages on 'youtube.com'. They are from the last ever firing camp in the ouiter hebrides with 50 regt, the particular missions filmed are from c/20 15bty featuring a couple of fire mission batteries where 3 rounds are fired at the same target, at the same time, with launch pads around 1 click apart. One such mission was quite spooky, when the camera points at the boost trails converging over the sea you can clearly see the numbers 666 written, possibly an omen as to what would have happened if we had fired these things in anger with nukes!!!.
To view the footages write 'lance missile' in the search box, the quality is not brilliant but it was filmed a long time ago and then converted to dvd, and then uploaded to youtube. If you do have a look dont forget to rate the clips and add a comment!!. :D
goatbagthedruid said:
That was quite cool, in the grand scheme of things.

I like the exhaust coming out of the side, that's about it!

The 'exhausts' as you put it GBDT are from the SPGG (solid propellant gas generator) which ignite to pressurise the two propellant tanks ( unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine & inhibited fuming nitric acid ) and force them into the engine where they combine and create a hypergolic reaction forcing out of the rear causing forward thrust. They also assisted in giving the missile spin along with the control surfaces (fins).

Thats the end of the science lesson, how I remember all that shiite I dont know, must have taught us well, LOL.
I recognised the hebs weather (shivers)

Having been fairly close to a javelin when fired I can imagine the lance must have been breathtaking.

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