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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by scaleybac, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone got any info on who has been selected form our glorious corps, to hold the dizzying rank of full corporal? I've not seen the board and cant get onto armynet to have a look.

    If anyone has a list of the lucky ones, especially on the RS Op side, could you please PM me. Cheers
  2. I do know that the signal was not on Armynet as of 0930 this morning as one of the lads in my section was looking for it. However, he was told that he got his second stripe so well done fella!!
  3. Nice avatar fella, guess you had it first too! Oh well! :)
  4. 96 RS Ops selected for promotion.............96!..........feck me..............96!!!!

    Surely some mistake.........there can't be that many vacancies, can there?

    That will cause some fun and games a couple of years from now on YofS selection.

    And when ICS Op comes out.
  5. Can there be that many above the promotability line?
  6. Depends where you draw it mate!! They seem to do this every now and again, have a huge board to offset problems in the future etc.

    Remember the IS Engr Cpl-Sgt board last year. Around 30 people came off, which was a huge amount for such a small roster. Hopefully they know what they are doing, and these large boards wont turn the rosters into dead mans shoes over the coming years.
  7. results are now published on Armynet if you still haven't seen a copy of the list.
  8. As I mentioned above, i am unable to get on to armynet, for some reason known only to her majesties glorious clerks and pen pushers, so if any one could cut and paste the results and PM them to me it would be really great of you. Cheers
  9. Scaley, re your armynet problems. Go to this LINK, try the advice on the faq, if that doesnt help, email Explain your problems, the're usually quite quick at sorting things out. Its not your unit clerks job to sort your armynet accounts!!

    If you havent seen the results yet, there is no reason why they cant be published by your unit, on URO's for example.
  10. Many thanks for your help mate, however I have alraedy tried both e-mailing with no reply as yet, and the FAQ, it seems some clerk has enterd my place of birth or hometown wrongly and therefore the records that armynet have are wrong when i try to rseet my password.

    Cheers any way mate