Lance Jack to Full Screw Board Results?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BiggestGeekInTheCorp, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. There are a couple of hopefuls bobbing around my office. Bearing in mind that we are a little lite on Green types in our CoC at the moment, when should we expect to see the results?

    Obviously I love for someone to PM them to me or post a link, but as I'm not even sure when they’re due that may be asking too much.
  2. there due out friday ( grape vine should be out late Thursday) i might be in with a shout???????
  4. I’ve just seen the results. Congratz to Mummy G from my office and Sid at the COB.

    We had 26 IS Eng on the Cpl-Sgt board and now we only have 13 Comms Sys Eng on the LCpl-Cpl board. I understand that most of the Geek JNCO vacancies have been filled by the re-trading Sys Tecs, but this is going to be still seen as a huge disincentive for the younger guys coming through.

    Is it asking too much to have a happy balance between enough bodies to fill operational commitments and enough promotion slots to retain the next generation of pot-FofS(IS)?
  5. Results are out now
  6. Any chance of a PM?
  7. Just got a call on leave from work to say i have come off, not seen the results themselves yet, units do have them though as my neigbour just got the same call from his unit.
  8. Well done to all those who have come off the board, i recognise a few names and think well deserved. If it didn't happen for you this year please don't use this as a forum to whinge, knuckle down and ask the full screws if there are any shit jobs that need doing.
  9. The promotion rules changed earlier this year (latest version of policy directive) so everyone needs two years in rank. I wonder if the "disincentive" is across all trades and whether it is likely to catch back up next year.
  10. 2519 Full Screw Operator? The Corps has finally gone mad................
  11. Yeah it's a complete nightmare not having morse in Afghan. We might as well not be there.
  13. Good eveing,I am looking for two names on the IS list. Could anyone PM me with the list.
    Thank you. BM.
  14. Has anyone out there the list please?