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I've been d*cked (sorry "tasked") with organising our next Lance Jack's leadership course. Now I've never a. been on the DS for one or even b. attended one as a participant

I'm sure that my own SPSI and other seniors will have their own ideas on what should be included, but I expect that their suggesions (no disrespect intended) will largely be a re-hash of what has gone before.

So if anyone out there in arrse-land has any suggestions as to possible content, I'm all ears.


Sounds like a piece of crap leadership on their part!!!!

Nothing personal, but they have hardly identified the best person for the job. BUT take it as a challenge.

1. Speak to your SPSI and CSM and see what they want (it may be a rehash, but it should be an improved one.)

2. Get in touch with your branch specialist school (i.e. Brecon for inf etc) and ask for a sylabus (the old lie of training blokes up for courses usely pries it out of their suspiciuous hands)

3. If point 2 does not work seek help from your regional specialist training team.

I appreciate that 2 and 3 might mean breathing oxygen way above your pay grade BUT you want to do it right.

I am assuming that you are doing this for a Squadron or Company - so you MUST go through it with your 2IC or (if your 2IC is a lazy sod and is not responsible for training as he should be) your OC.

Dont let them off with leaving you swinging out there. Ask for advice and help where you think you can get it.

Hope this helps - as a fellow STAB, if you cause enough noise and ask the right questions the d*ck who d*cked you will become concerned that his sh*te man management will be spotted and actually help you out.
8) 8)
What's the aim of the course and how long does it last?

Call me old fashioned, but what is the SPSI getting paid for? He is the Training Majors' man in your TAC and as for your CSM ( who I assume is TA ) just telling you to crack on; well it does not impress me.

For starters ask them what subjects they want covered. On another point, have the old JNCO cadres been stopped? I remember being run ragged for two weeks on mine, many years ago.

Don't forget that very enjoyable ambush rehersal when everyone else was brought off the area except the cadre, and the harbour area that doubled for a river. Ahh Happy days!!!

Lost comms, is this a course to encourage leadership or is it a promotion type course?
I went on a JNCO cadre, and it was a load of rubbish. It was meant to be run by a group of Officer Cadets who were very badly organised and prepared. In the end it got left to one SNCO who could only apologise enough. It didn't impart any leadership skills in us, and i dont think the OCdts got anything out of it- and unfortunately it didn't do a lot for their reputations amongst those on the course. We got the impression a few of them had been d*cked and it showed.

One volunteer over ten forced men and all that......!
Lance corporal leadership skills, wouldn't have thought they were required in either Regs or TA.. I never new any lance jack in charge of anything more than the battery store
Touchy two toes.

Been on the sangria?
JSP - points all noted, and yep, am viewing it as a challenge

MSR - the aim of the course is to qualify soldiers for promotion under Crewman 2000. And its a weekend course.

BB - the SPSI is payed to scratch his arrse a lot, and I already know to expect no more than this!

STA - it's a tick in the box type course thats a requirement for promotion under Crewman 2000. A bit of encouragement of future leadership wouldn't go amiss though

RRBB - hopefully that won't happen come January when the course runs!

ex-Dvr - You're absolutely right but see my earlier comments re. ticks in boxes

Dale - what the f*ck?

Lost Comms - I see your point but tink about it differently. Think what YOU would like to see as a leader and aim off for that. You obviously know the score or they wouldn't have picked you to run the cadre. Use what YOU would like to see in a leader and put it in a training program.

You won't go far wrong mate :D
I second Big Doc's emotion. If it is being left up to you, use this chance to mould a few potential or actual JNCOs to be what your ideal would be.

In a single weekend, you cannot achieve very much but you can make it worth the guys' while. Dr Evil's minions will recognise what follows ...

I would knock a few heads together so that you come up with a duties of a JNCO in your unit lesson (to be given by an old soak SNCO) and a leadership lesson to be given by some spotty subbie or history boffin who can draw inspiring lessons from Shackelton, Wellington, Nelson and other leaders closer to home. They can also point to instances of good or bad leadership in themselves and others in the unit (a bit like Bill Clinton did recently in his "Send Me" speech about John Kerry).

Once the speeches are over, then brief them on the scenario for the weekend. It can be about anything - it just helps to draw them into their role as leaders if they are told about - and are expected to act in light of - what's going on.

Then pootle around the ooloo doing stuff, rotating the jobs of IC and 2IC as you do different things. At the end of each couple of stands or events, have a debrief on how things were going, which should draw out whether they have been doing what leaders should do - planning, briefing, evaluating, encouraging, etc.

Courses such as this work best if you have SNCOs from your unit along to DS. Not only does it give them the chance to have input on the development of the next generation of JNCOs but it also imparts a bit of a "you're joining the adults now" yummy feeling.

The course should be physically very demanding and the tempo fast. Leadership really begins to tell only when people start getting tired and ragged. It should also involve fieldcraft, etc., so that you can check that your guys' skills have not gone rusty - and so that you make plain to them that part of their role as lance jacks is to make sure that they are an example to the guys below them in that regard and all others.

At least some of the DS should participate in all the activities, do the physical stuff, get the same amount of sleep, etc. You cannot teach leadership unless you are actually leading by example at the time!

Keep officer participation to a minimum but do not exclude it entirely, especially if you have any that actually like all that running around and getting dirty malarkey.

Most of all, don't treat this as a "dicking". Think of all the times you were the victim of a pish-poor exercise or course. Then sort things, so that the guys' say: "'ckin 'ell - make that man DSF or summat."
ex-dvr1 said:
Lance corporal leadership skills, wouldn't have thought they were required in either Regs or TA.. I never new any lance jack in charge of anything more than the battery store
Depends on corps/arm.

When I went thro my Pte-LCpl course it was quite intentsive (two weeks with a few pre course weekends). The aim of the course was to train Ptes to be able to do the Section 2IC's job and take over from the Sect Comd if he became a cas.

Topics covered inclued BITS/MOI, coaching, running BE's/BL's, orders, PT, fieldcraft (mainly focused on the 2IC's job). (BITS and coaching would be done by Bde these days)

As Dr Evil mentioned it was run by Cpls/SNCO's

Went thro a similar thing for Sgt in the Sigs on a weekend. We acted as section commanders to the Sigs, don't think anybody got anything out of it, it only served as a tool to asses people.

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