Lance Corporal Martin Edwards

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Martin Edwards was blown up in Basra 2 years ago and is now in the care of the Royal British Legion. He is moving to Garforth Leeds on 3rd June 2009 to a specialist brain injury clinic.

I have a web site which tells his story of how he is forgotten by his own regiment and indeed his battalion which was 1LI and then 5 Rifles.

He is used as a face to collect money for different charities such as SAAFA and the RBL but when i asked for assistance in taking him to Paderborn to visit 5 Rifles for a Medals Parade I was told no by both of these charities. They stated it was a WANT and not a NEED.

They seem to want to use him as a monkey and take him out of his cage to show him around for funding then when he asks for help he is told no is that being two faced. FORGOTTEN HERO'S this tells the story and has comments from people around the world.

There again the site has only been 2 comments from anyone in the LI or Rifles which is disgusting.

On the Rifles recruiting poster it states Friends for LIfe. Martin asks where are these friends now which is so true. :x :x :x :x

Do you think that this is right for these charities to refuse him any assistance when he has been used so much as a face for them. He is the face of the RBL Poppy appeal and has been on posters around the country.


On the face of what you say, this seems particularly unfair on the lad. Have you considered asking his Regt'l Association for assistance?
I have asked his regimental association also they say that they will probably assist if Martin also contributs something. A Major Deeds in Pontyfract Rifles Office has been my point of contact there. Hence I am trying to get donations from people to assist him in getting to Germany. In my opinion he should not have to pay for anything as he has already given enough to his Queen and Country.
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