Lance-Corporal Jabron Hashmi died for Britain and Islam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 10, 2008.

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  2. What is your obsession with islam extemists and the uk?

    You must post about 4 threads per day on same subject.
  3. Errr this one is about a British Soldier Killed on ops who happened to be Muslim and his Brother who was also in the forces. Both known to many ARRSERS.

    Have you bothered to read it?
  4. They sound like decent people. It is a shame that they are unwilling to criticise the extremists though. RIP Jabron. Our country needs people like this.
  5. finally a display of loyalty from a british muslim. RIP.
  6. Pretty balanced bloke - regardless of religion.
  7. What happened to death removing all nationality and emnity?
    With our current mindset, civilised over the millenia, we will always be on the back foot against Islamic militants, who have little regard for basic human decency towards the living, let alone the dead. Even Khomieni's funeral was like a frantic game of pass the parcel.
  8. British citizen - British Army - Risk of being killed in the line of duty for both "Queen and country"!

    Remember all those from India who gave their lives in WW1 & 2? And they didn't even live here or have British citizenship!

    So if you are a British citizen and want to prove your loyality and stop pulling all these excuses for not being British, carry one.

    This young man died for being British, being a muslim is incidential (RIP)
  9. RIP fella. Our thoughts are with your family.
  10. he died nearly 2 years ago
  11. I think you will find out there are thousands and thousands of loyal British muslims out there both served, serving and trying to make the difference. Its the the bad ones unfortunately who the journo scum like to highlight, just like the minority hoodie teenagers out there too who get the headlines over the normal kids.
  12. Finally?? I'm certainly with the Iron on this one. Over the decades / centuries? many Muslims have died in the service of the Crown.

    CPL Hashmi and others are following in a proud tradition. Sadly like a number of soldiers from Irish Regiments, Muslim soldiers now have to face the possiblity of a domestic threat, when they are at home in UK with their families.

    I don't think that many of the rest of us WASPs us are in a position to question such comittment?
  13. Agreed.

    I am sure that there are many muslims that apreciate living in the UK. It is a shame that the vocal militants get all the headlines.

    I am somewhat dissapointed though that the muslims that like the UK get drowned out by those UK hating loudmouthed ignorant scum. Perhaps the reasonable people of Islamic belief should speak up more. Condemning extremists would be a start.

    Just watched a debate on BBC news 24 that got quite heated between a male Islamic apologist and a female Islamic refugee.

    It was good to see/hear he ignorant medieval male (intelectually) shot-down by the Iranian woman.
  14. I see from his past posts that boredofmyjob plans to join the Army this month, so he isn't even a sprog yet. I hope his dickish comments reflect youthful lack of any judgement rather than considered views, otherwise he's going to find he's in an organisation he won't be happy in, and we'll have picked up a (racist?) halfwit we don't want.

    Jabron Hashmi (and Cpl Peter Thorpe, killed in the same incident) demonstrated commitment through their service and their willingness to give their lives. Neither of them had anything to prove to a child who hasn't even served yet. Tosser.

  15. I like the bit saying "actions are judged by intention" - I think those critics of Islam seem to have missed out on the bits such as this, where actually I think it's pretty spot on. One of those points where morals and religion cross paths.

    There needs to be a new religion made with the best bits from each, withput all the 'do this or your eyes will melt from your anus and your nose shall fly from your face' crap stuck in to scare people into conforming throughout the years.

    That little off-topic minirant aside... He's another soldier who has done his country and family proud, the fact he was a muslim should not be the main drawing point of this article.