Lance-Corporal Alexander Galloway

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Lepus, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Apparently a soldier who drew his sword on Marcus Serjeant, the bloke who fired 6 blank rounds at the Queen. Has anyone got any pictures or footage of said event?


  2. Didn't he wrestle with the oik until the coppers arrived. Shame he didn't put his bayonet to good use.
  3. wonder if he would then have been charged? :(
  4. Seriously, wonder what would have happened if 'he'd run him through' :lol:
  5. Doubtful, there wasn’t a Labour government in power or a PC compensation culture at the time.
  6. What about the Horseguard who cuffed Princess Annes assailant whilst still on horseback? or is that only a myth?
  7. I recall a Horse Guardsman on dismounted duty at Horse Guards whacking a Hippy with the flat of his sabre for calling him a chocolate soldier in the 1960s. It hit the press, including pictures! though elicited great public sympathy for the Trooper. Don't know if the guy was disciplined, hope not.
  8. Confused, he was a Scots Guard, so why would he have a "sword" ? or are we thinking bayonet ?

    Please guards type people set this straight
  9. The Scots Guardsman butt stroked the fool with the starter pistol before he 'subdued' him. His bayonet was fixed (he was part of the contingent lining the route). Incidentally did he receive an award? A BEM perhaps?
  10. No he didn't. I was behind the crowd at that point dressed in dark blue, and a colleague who was based at Uxbridge Police Station was in just the right place. A hand came up beside him firing a gun. Officer grabbed the arm and pulled the guy over the crash barrier into the street (he was a pretty big copper despite white hair). The soldier was facing the street, with back to the crowd (we had to face the crowd and ingore the ceremonial) and SLR in the appropriate position. My former colleague said the nearest soldier assisted him by means of the rapid application of the butt of his rifle. Instant end of struggle. Getting the guy away from there was interesting as the crowd was turning ugly and would have lynched him. My last memory was leading a minibus through the crowd across the park with old ladies hammering on the sides of the the bus. To show how small the world is, I now teach in the school that Marcus Sergeant used to go to.
  11. My father LCpl Alec Galloway was awarded a GOC commendation and is immensely proud of his reaction to grab this gunman by his hair and neck, and haul him over the crowd control barrier.
    he is celebrating his 70th this weekend. Proud son!
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