Lance Armstrong in more trouble

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by DrunkenIrish, Feb 14, 2017.

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  1. How big is his fortune?
  2. A quick google says $125m so he won't be starving just yet
  3. Hard to tell from this angle:
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  4. Will be more interesting to see if his other sponsorship deals had any clauses that would allow them to try and claw back some of their money.
  5. Then he'll lose 80% of his fortune.

  6. Which is a bit shit
  7. From that image and what I assume is his quote
    Dying and losing - Its the same thing

    Therin is the explanation of why he cheated he defines his value by winning - therefore winning is everything without it he is nothing.
    Not taking part - not earning the right to be there, not even besting himself only winning matters.
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  8. He's just another graduate from a particular university of morality. One famous alumni from these halls was a certain Mr. Phil Shiner. Hopefully both face the same end of road, drug assisted or not.
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  9. Wow! Bit harsh lumping him into the same category as Shiner IMO
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  10. I wonder what his defence will be, victim card may be drawn.

  11. Pretty easy really, When he was in the peloton everyone was at it- some better than others. Those that were less good at 'cheating' were caught easily, he was better and got away with it for longer.
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  12. A big boy did it and cycled away.
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