Lance armstrong and the USADA hypocrisy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RoofRat, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. A highly pissed-off Lance Armstrong has decided not to contest the US anti drug administrations claims that he used illegal substances during his career.

    Lance Armstrong doping case by USADA needed to be above criticism but too many questions left unanswered - Telegraph

    The USADA,have now said they will seek to strip him of his 7 Tour de France titles,and ban him from the sport for life.

    He's never been found guilty of taking substances in any of the tests,that were conducted during his career,but it would appear out of sheer vindictiveness the USADA,are trying to get this ban imposed.

    This in light of the 2 year bans on various American Athletes,who had been caught taking the 'illegal performance enhancing substances',having their transgressions,being 'whitewashed' over,and being allowed to compete in the Olympics.

    How is it that someone who has never been tested positive,throughout his career can get his arse handed to him on a plate,when some sneaky drug taking 'athlete' can get away with a 2 year ban,and a pat on the back afterwards,by being allowed to compete in the Olympics? :???:
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  2. Can understand his point of view though, he is just pissed off with the shit, you would have thought after 500+ tests even the most incompetent lab tech would have found a problem.

    The sad fact he is guilty by winning, and when you think the knives are already out for Wiggins as well it is a sad state that you can be clean yet labelled a cheat because you win.
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  3. **** me, do some research before getting outraged, He did test positive on a couple of drug tests but managed to convince the authorities that there were valid reasons.
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  4. He sure did, no doubt. He was tested in the 2001 Swiss tour, and the tester reported to the authorities including the FBI that the tests were consistent with EPO users, for most of the team as well. Then his team mates Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton get caught and say that Lance was in on it too. His team mates, room mates; 1) he did nothing to stop them, whistle blow on them etc, which 2) leads one to think its cos they weren’t lying, he was a doper too. Then you just have to look at the records for the fastest ascent of L’Alpe d’Huez hill climb in the TdF, it’s like a whose who of dopers! Marco Pantani (never tested pos but tests showed consistent results with dopers levels), Iban Mayo, Ullrich, Landis, Virenque, all dopers....and Lance was 1 sec off the more recent time, the best guys can get up there is a whole 4 minutes slower, consistent to support the idea that the peleton is clean now.....

    Yep, he is as guilty as sin, he has given up so he doesn’t get found out in what was only going to be a public hearing. And the UCI would have been fucked too. Why do you think he was trying to block the public enquiery so much? Nothing to hide, no reason to block it, no reason to give up either.

    50’s through to the late 00’s was full of it, its only getting clean now. Just cos a guy beats cancer dosnt make him exempt from the rules, its not a popluarity contest!
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  5. It would seem not many people have won The Tour without cheating, they might as well make it legal.
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  6. If I was innocent and being accused of taking drugs, I would fight tooth and nail to ensure my name was cleared. This chap, who by all accounts is a fighter, is just giving up. That tells me he is not an innocent chap.
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  7. He has already spent something like $4,000,000 fighting his corner.

    I think he has just had enough.
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  8. Guilty as sin, but in the grand scheme of things I couldn't possibly quantify how little I cared - just make steroids, doping etc legal & enjoy watching the super freaks compete.

    Lance did what everybody in that era did he pretty much just beat other drug users at their own game. You'd probably have to go back decades to find a "clean" Tour winner. The reality is that for 5 of those wins the runner up was Jan Ullrich. In February 2012, Ullrich was found guilty of a doping offence by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. He was retro-actively banned from August 22, 2011, & all results gained since May 2005 were also removed from his total.

    So does Ullrich now become the winner? Complete farce.
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  9. Don't be silly, all his team mates were just jealous as he was bumming Sheryl Crow so are just stitching him up.

    St Lance of Armstrong has looked at all the evidence against him and has realised he is on to a loser. The tens of millions he received in sponsorship will help soften the blow
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  10. Load of balls anyway, arbitrary line drawn in the sand concerning what's "natural" and what's not. Okay so maybe the fella, and numerous other "shamed" sportsmen, took a chemical which is on some other bod's "banned" list but I can see very little if any difference between shooting up something created in a lab and living in an oxygen tent, eating only the refined extract of some rare plant root... Which we advertise and boast about.
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  11. Big deal, pretty much every top-level athlete is on performance enhancing gear and anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or deluded. Everyone dopes, even playing field, he won. Simple as that.
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  12. Giving up smacks of guilt, let the jury decide... which appears is why he wouldn't bother appealing or fighting it. It's a silly team sport anyway considering they ride a hundred kilometres a day only for it to be decided on a 300m sprint at the end where the pace makers break off from the lead and give up to finish 47th.

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  13. Its a thing that non-cyclists just find hard to understand, but the sport was riddled with drugs for years, since the 50’s. Was it Anqeutil that said only a fool would think riders could do Bordeaux-Paris on water alone?

    We know that, especially in the late 90’s early 00’s, the guys at the top were drugged up to the eyeballs, but what could we do about it. That being said, they provided us with some, albeit drug fuelled, brilliant entertainment and duels. Yea, they were doped up cheats, and I want to see the sport how it is now: clean, the performance times are testament to that. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t love Pantani’s attacks, or Lance staring in to Ullrich’s face. What does bother me is that Lance made himself out to be a white knight, somehow matching the doper’s insane performances....on water alone.
  14. In sports like cycling, doping provides such a significant advantage that it needs to be stopped completely or legalised. As stopping it completely is seemingly impossible, I can't understand why they bother at all.
  15. Its not impossible, thats why.

    Mark Cavendish is the World Champion and the quickest sprinter on two wheels. Last year he was the most tested sportsman on earth. If he is clean, the others must be clean.