Lancastria commemorative medal campaign - 4000 forgotten men

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lancastria1940, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. We are a group of survivors and also relatives of victims and survivors of Britain's worst ever maritime disaster, the Lancastria, which sank on 17th June 1940 with the loss of an estimated 4000 lives, mostly troops of the British Expeditionary Force. It is the worst single loss of life for British forces in the whole of World War 2. On hearing of the scale of the disaster Churchill banned all media coverage of it fearing the huge negative impact on public morale.
    No formal acknowledgement has ever been made in recognition of the ultimate sacrifice of the victims nor the endurance of the survivors who struggled and helped each other in the sea for many hours after the disaster.
    We are currently campaigning to have a special commemorative medal commissioned by the Scottish Parliament (who have devolved powers over veterans issues, and also because, sadly the MoD - officials - have not been supportive and are still refusing to meet with us). We have launched a petition to MSPs and would appreciate if you could support us. You can sign the petition at

    for more information about the Lancastria disaster click:

    and Thank you for your support.