Lancaster Bomber spotted on Google Earth

If the above attachment didn't work, go to the Google Earth web site, type in the co-ords below in the search area then zoom in.

52 d 20' 10.97"N, 0 d 11' 43.38"W
Apolgies for you not being able to find it fellas but, the co-ords are correct. There's a railway line running north south just west of Huntingdon. It's positioned just west of the railway line and east of the A14 above the houses in the large village. Very hard to spot. Best I can do.
I got it by placing a map pin in a random spot and changing the coords to the one in the original message, giving it a random title. Worked well and gave me something exciting to do in what so far has been a sh1te day. Many thanks for the hours of fruitful spotting that went into it!

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