Lancashire residents - Ex-service personnel wanted in mentoring posts

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Grey_Mafia65, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. If anyone's interested!

    I don't know any more details than what's in the link, just caught my eye and I'm not eligible so thought others might be interested.
  2. Sadly a couple of years to early for me, hopefully it has some longevity and is not yet another 5 minute social experiment :)
  3. It's a shame the salary doesn't mirror those of the useless wasters in Preston Town Council - or any other town council for that matter. I love the 21p bit on the end.
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  4. Am I missing something here?

    It says the person is required from 28/3/13 to 26/4/13 so the job finishes tomorrow?
  5. Aye, spotted that, eh? Me too, then I scanned back up to check the hours; 37? Yup. Shows they mean business alright.
  6. oldbaldy

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  7. It'll be getting "Rolled Out" nationwide, no doubt. Until they Roll It Back In Again when Targets Are Not met.

    You might want to add "Rolled Out" to your list of Utter **** Managementspeak if you're interested in having a go. No doubt the Steering Group/Implementation Panel/Senior Management Focus Sub-Group will want you to be conversant with their gibberish.
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  8. Now, fancy that. Slick, aren't they?
  9. I got roped in to it by a friend at the salvation army, its been good but sadly myself an an ambulance crew got attacked by the lad I was mentoring. Though try "challenger troop" they di alsorts of activitys with youngsters

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  10. Which is also the closing date for "expressions of interest"!
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  11. I worked for LCC for 9 years, and I'm not going back I tell you, I'm not!

    *If I never hear the phrase 'Union meeting 4 o'clock' again I'll die a happy man.