Lancashire!!, la, la!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Santa_Sunday, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Lancashire win the Cricket County Championship for the first time since 1934 – and Yorkshire got relegated too! Stitch that Yorkies.

    *Opens a nice bottle of red to celebrate.
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  2. So who's the bird in your signature again? :)
  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I was sure this was about fall back positions. Was just watching the MAW Cadre video (another thread) and it had me thinking about Fulwood and Ghost stories...ironic...
  4. Santa...Fixed that for you, as i believe we shared the title with Hampshire in 1957? Anyway HURRAH!!!!!
  5. I know they shared it in the 50s - but that doesn't count.

    First Championship since 1934.
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Didn't the Pilgrims beat the Sappers also?

    (I actually gave my first edition copy of Hassan to an American PhD Colleague doing research in Central Asia...Road to Samarkand etc.)
  7. They will be dancing in the streets of Cheethamhillistan tonight.

    Being in Warwickshire today made it all the sweeter.

    By the way nuhustan the way you write always reminds me of the way this guy talked! Klunk.jpg
  8. "What is it Klunk?"

    "It's a wwwwwooooppp-dishhhhhhh-plonggeggeeg-Pherwooppppp pigeon catcher!"

    Ace. Happy days...
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  9. Well done the lads. Just like to point out that Cheetham Hill is in Greater Manchester not Lancashire, but technicalLy the HQ of Lancashire Cricket club is not in Lancashire either, it's in Greater Manchester as well?
  10. hate cricket,but love my county,you sheep shaggers keep looking over the big hill
  11. And I'd like to point out that Lancashire didn't play a single match at Old Trafford (Manchester - Salford?) but played all bar 2 matches at Aigburth.
  12. borders changed in 74, so living in greater still a lancs lad as are some in mersyside,cheshire, and cumbria
    and my love is still like a red, red rose
  13. I was born in Lancashire. Where I was born is now in Greater Manchester.

    I'm a Lancastrian - I'll never be a Manc.
  14. "OH MY GOD" even worse than I thought. Aigburth used to be in Lancashire now is in ******* Scousland

    Aigburth is located in Merseyside

    Aigburth shown within Merseyside
    OS grid reference SJ385864
    Metropolitan borough City of Liverpool
    Metropolitan county Merseyside
    Region North West
    Country England
    Sovereign state United Kingdom
    Post town LIVERPOOL
    Postcode district L17, L19
    Dialling code 0151
    Police Merseyside
    Fire Merseyside
    Ambulance North West
    EU Parliament North West England
    UK Parliament Liverpool Riverside
    List of places: UK • England • Merseyside

    The shame, the shame the shame. I will have to hang my head in shame and emigrate to Barnsley?
  15. ware the fuk is aigburth?