LAN Party [url][/url]

Any of you fellas fancy a weekend on the pop and playing every game under the sun?

We play Tri Service Gaming every week on BF2 (we are mostly Crabs I'm afraid) and wonder if you lads fancied a weekend drinking, playing having a laugh.

If your interested playing /drinking with some "truly aweful crabs" then head over to and hot the GOR15 signup. You will need to signup to the forum to signup.

Price is £21 and its bring your own computer.

. We supply
. Table
. Chair (But bring your own comfy one)
. Network cable
. Fully switched gigabyte network running DHCP
. 64 Bit gaming servers for BF2, BF2142, Counterstrike Source, Etc
. Big Projector screen running whatever console you plug in. We have xbox 360, xbox, nintendo and PS2 are available)

We run tournaments over the weekend and the venue has a ample car parking facilities, a fully licensed bar (open from 19:45 -23:30 ish), full toilet and shower facilities and a fully fitted kitchen.

anyway if your interested its over by Lyneham :)

Oh, its the weekend of 24th-26th - arrive anytime from 14:00 onwards. Network shuts at 14:00 ish on Sunday.
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