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Lampeter / Aber UOTC

Im looking to join WUOTC Aber Coy, from Lampeter Uni. The geezer told me when I phoned to turn upto the Aber Freshers Fair and if I got in and passed selection blah blah blah then they would give me transportation from Lamp to Aber where and when nessecary.

Only thing is Freshers Fair at Aber is the week before Lamp starts its term, and thus the week before I move to Wales.

Is this just usual military logic or does Lampeter join by some other means?

Any answers would be great cheers, especially from any Lampeter students who have joined UOTC or are looking to this year.
You need to PM Y_Delyn. He should be able to clear up such questions. I wouldn't hold your breath for replies from the Lampeter masses who wish to join OTC, they're usually pretty few and far between.
Regards. A_D
I would speak to the unit directly. PM me if you need contact info. Remember you don't 'need' to see them at the freshers fair before selection, but it would be a very good idea if they knew about you.

Recruit selection dates this year are the W/E 30th sept which I believe to common across all coys.

You will be able to have a chat to us at Lampeter freshers fayre on Thursday 28th of Sept.

Yourself and anyone else interested from Lampeter (Spread the word mate!) will also be invited down to Aber - transport provided - for an informal welcome evening on the 28th, with a bit of a social round town afterwards.

Then keep Saturday 30th free and the weekend after free.

Any probs, PM me
ok this is the first i've heard about a Lampeter freshers fayre!!!! can u believe that, I even phoned them to ask what sort of freshers do they put on and they said just turn up on the 29th...... ugg

well so long as it's alright to just turn up at the PUP on the 30th i'll be there.

Whilst we're on the subject, I know kit is issued but is it worht me taking any of my old cadet kit upto uni, boots, 95s, plce kit etc????

RJWhite said:
Whilst we're on the subject, I know kit is issued but is it worht me taking any of my old cadet kit upto uni, boots, 95s, plce kit etc????

I would keep the boots, as there prob already broken and a PLCE utility pouch . The rest i would stick on ebay.

It worth remembering the one likes a goby ex cadet.
sorry for the typo my sentence make no sense

The correct version is

It's worth remembering that no one likes a goby ex cadet.

What I mean by that is don't interrupt instructors with lines starting "when i was a cadet we did it this way".

Do use your field experience, i.e field admin.

Over all I found the UOTC alot more real. There is less nannying, more responsibly to look after yourself. For example, no need to unload when ever moving with a weapon. That doesn't mean you don't get the "on the bus, off the bus" bullshit, you do (and plenty of it).

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