Lamp & sandbag Forum playing up?

I'd like to ditto that one.
Any better now?
Looking OK from here now. Ta. I was missing my fix of durrrrtty burds!
It's playing up again for me. Cuddles has just posted something to it, which I can see on the index, but all I see is the basic page without any content!

MODS still playing up for me ditto litotes' problem basic page no content.
I know about this one but haven't had a chance to look yet. Will do in the next couple of hours and get back to you.
Screenshot on it's way :)


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sniper_bob said:
I have a feeling this is something to do with DII - I can never see L&S on work terminals.
Same as. The fun police have struck again.


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There is no escape now, time to surrender.
Right I used the large hammer approach: I deleted the Lamp and Sandbag, made a new one and copied all the old content into it.

Let's see if that works.
Nope. Sorry, the new enhanced, turbo charged version (is it?) still refuses to soldier.

Damn. :evil:

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