Lame in the SAS?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by REMEbrat, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. I'm currently reading Immediate Action by Andy McNab, in it he says even if an SAS trooper is very seriously injured he will never be rtu'd. He talks of soldiers serving with the SAS having only one arm/leg/eye but saying they will never be back squadded. Is this true?
  2. Yer they make them REMFs
  3. If he's already badged a trooper, how can he be 'back squadded'?
  4. It's not exclusive the the Hereford boys. All regiments will keep on seriously wounded soldiers providing there's a role for them. Para reg have limbless guys working in their PRI for example and 29 Cdo Regt RA have one of their guys back to full operational duties despite the loss of a leg.
  5. Hereford does have a number of double-hard biffs walking about camp

    a. they've got lots of skills
    b. it reassure the blokes that they're going to be looked after
    c. they've got lots of skills

    I personally think all Regiments should try to adopt this policy.

    I wouldn't argue with a Para Instructor who's lost limbs doing the job for real.
  6. and rightly so.

    I don't understand why this comes as a shock as I've known a few NI vets missing useful body parts who have carried on serving. Not to mention a few from current theatres.

    Edit to add a War Story: During OP Telic I once worked with Yank EOD on a tasking and did Top Cover with a bloke with one hand. 8O
  7. That could apply to most units these days.
  8. absolutely - see my edited post

    I think it needs to be positively encouraged
  9. But what if they lost limbs through not being very good at the job?

    How about an EOD guy with no arms?
  10. got me there! :D :twisted:

    getting out alive is good enough for me
  11. See my above post.

    An EOD guy with no arms might have avoided being an EOD guy with no head by being good at his job for all you know.

    Besides even if he got it through making an error of judgement or just bad luck who are we to kick someone out of a job who can still fill a role.
  12. A good example is that poor Para guy who got blown to bits on active service not so long ago and is now confined to a wheelchair, unable to carry out rudimentary tasks and barely talk.

    No disrespect to him whatsoever, but what possible role can he have within the Parachute Regiment?
  13. i was going to call you a nob but my angry pills have just kicked in.
  14. Try growing a sense of humour ffs.

    I can tell you have never served in the Army, you wouldnt have lasted 5 seconds
  15. you looking for a bite, nob
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