Lambs Trophy, whats all that about then?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Is it really worth the effort or yet more baloney?
  2. I'm ex RAOC/RLC and the Lambs Trophy just seemed like a pain in the arrse for all concerned. I never got involved with it, managed to dodge it like fcuk. There were those like me who were'nt into it but got dragged into training for it and hated it. Then there were us who didn't do it who ended up covering for those who were away. Like I said, a completee pain in the arrse. For what? A feckin' trophy! Oh and character building too. My character was fine 'till I was covering for some twat who was away!
  3. Not wishing to appear deliberately controversial here, however, my experience of The Lamb Trophy involved nothing more than practising basic military skills! It is neither "baloney" or a " pain in the arse" if you are a committed Soldier. Therefore, if, like the earlier subscribers, you agree that it is baloney and/or a pain in the arse, then I suggest you get your sad-failed arses up to the RAO, pay your money and fcuk off and take your negative attitude with you!!!
  4. Most saw it as a way out of the mundane day to day crap that RAOC 'soldiers' had to endure. It was just less of a pain in the rectum than all the other pain in the rectum stuff. I guess you liked it because it gave you the opportunity to puff your chest out and mix it with 82 Ord and Cdo Log. Bully for you.
  5. I'm afraid i have to disagree with d&g.I was part of a 'B' team and we beat the 'A'team and one of the elite teams.Maybe we wanted to prove how good we were,but were we not all in the same army,so to test our skills against others should have been a method of improving our skills.Maybe i see things incorrectly?

    The Lamb Trophy is is a good old fashioned way to test your military skills.

    Get out there and try and win it.At least you will have tried.Nobody can berate you for that.
  6. Never said it was baloney just asked if it was, I shall attend this year and see for myself.
  7. I can't argue with any of that, I'm just on a wind up! The Lambs Trophy seemed to bring the best out of regular non infantry guys. More often than not the RAOC teams would trounce the infantry teams because they had something to prove. Inf teams often just turned up but were not too motivated.
  8. Well, we had a good go and came either a unconfirmed 3rd or 4th place in the TA section, the CDO Pet Ops regained their title after last years absence, congratulations to 13AA who seemed to be winning every other prize going. Looking forward to nexts years already!
  9. I was there with 166 Sup Regt Mixed team, came runners up but had a great day, shame about the crazy rain that swamped the whole place! Will defo be there next year!!
  10. Going back to RAOC days, it seemed to be 60% of the marks for the assault course, the tab and the shoot and the other 40% on questions about the flow rate in a mobile Bath and Laundry unit. Strangely, this questions were set by the depot and that year the whole thing was won by the depot even though the para and commandos won the proper bits..... strange eh?