Lambretta & Scooter Rallies

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by DieHard, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. I am looking for a Cheap Scooter to buy because after a very long time and a 2nd mid life crisis, I have decided I want to start going to some rallies again. The last one I went to was the isle of whight in 1984.
    Are there any ARRSE Scooterist who have been to any recently? I know times change but I want to know is if its a lot more saner now and not full of mod skinhead rivalries and a north south divide that I remember from my youth.
    So if you know of any cheap Scooters up for sale or can give me any info on rallies please post a reply
  2. I know a bloke with one similar to this for sale

    You will look like the don on that badboy
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  3. What part of the country are you in?..
  4. Iow rally still the best. I would say it has got a bit "saner" but still a blinding weekend.
  5. Auto trader?

    You wont pick up any more new Px150's and Px200s; due to emissions regs.Only 125' s available

    I went to place in Guildford a few years ago, (shut down now) The owner was asking stupid money for a 125 in not very good nick and with hardly any compression.

    good luck though. I remember Scooter Rallies; going insane mileage on 2 stroke T5. Build quality of Vespa scooter wasnt very good either. My T5's rev counter blew as did all of them, goodness knows why there wasnt a recall.
    I went through many clutch cables and the spark plugs always fouled up.
  6. I'm in befordshire, I should of said that when posting the thread doh!!!!
  7. That's why I'm interested in a lambretta I found them easier to work on and strip down.
    One question I have though is how do they cope with the unleaded fuel? I remember having to put 2 stroke oil in my petrol tank.
    I know that lambretta now make a 4 stroke Scooter but it does not look right and probably would not be as much fun.
    I don't mind putting one together if its in parts and I reckon I might remember to put on the piston ring this time too
  8. Had a look at getting a Lambretta a few years ago as the wonky legs make the bikes a no no now.

    Saw a TV175 for ……… £12,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeebus! I can remember buying them out of the local paper for a fiver when I was a kid to ride around the local wasteland.
  9. Die Hard, PM me, I've got a Bretta that I'm looking at getting shot of. Not your run of the mill version either, loads of mods (pun intended).
  10. for the hardcore Scooteriist

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  11. Try this site. Armed Forces Scooter Club
    It used to be for the Armed Forces, but it appears to have branched out to the emergency services and friends and families of. They will probably be able to offer more adivice on where to purchase a decent second hand scoot. Personal experience has shown that lammies are fecking expensive and need constant TLC and spare or NOS (new old stock) is getting more pricey. Vespas are still available and there are a few good online shops that stock spares such as Scooter Center in Cologne and SIP in Munich. The scene in germany is still very much alive and the preferred scoot is the Vespa due to the availability and they tend to tune the feck out of 'em. The runs in UK are okay but the Nationals are becoming more of a Scooter Enthusiasts Weekend, with caravans, cars and vans filling the rally site and those that ride to rallies are becoming pissed off with it. The German scene is closer to old school where you pitch up in a field and an old barn or shed is converted to a makeshift gathering point to chew the fat, talk scoots and listen to some good music.