Lambeth Press Officer quits after suggesting Streatham should be napalmed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blogg, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Some might find it odd that a council press officer whose job was to champion his local area, having spent a "considerable amount of time" walking it streets of Streatham, would be honest enough to declare that the best solution for improving it would "mostly involve napalm".

    Press officer quits after suggesting Streatham should be napalmed on Twitter - Telegraph

    Need to find another line of work matey. Spouting truth is not a good habit as a Press Officer
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  2. Stylish; the first PR bloke I haven't wanted to hit with a shovel.
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  3. He has a point. St Reatham is a hole.
  4. Thats in step with a certain poet who came out with the imortal lines "Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough and make it ready for the plough"
    Now had this PR chappy used a couple of rhyming couplets he could potentially be the next poet laureate!
  5. Honesty is not allways the best policy.

    Actually there is not too much wrong with Streatham, It is the people living there that are the problem.
    So anthrax would be just as good, if slightly less fun to watch.
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  6. Well you cant polish a turd no matter how much spin you put on it
  7. But you can roll it in glitter to make it all spangley.
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  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    IIRC Streatham had a "problem" with women of negotiable affection in the early 90's. I presume that not much has changed.
  9. Another victim of the harrumphing outrage bus, unnecessary humourless unrealistic over accountability.
  10. I used to go to Bali Hai in Streatham, late '70s. It was fucking brilliant. Well, compared to Amesbury, anyway.
  11. Not a bad place at all, about 30 years ago. Most places are OK, it`s just the vermin inhabitants that drag them down.
  12. Who mentioned Polish
  13. Downtown Basra in April 2003 was fucking brilliant compared to Amesbury
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  14. I`ve got vague memories of a place called "The Pink Panther", I could be wrong and have the name mixed up with someplace called "The Purple Pussycat" or something very like. Any ideas?
  15. Used to drink in a fine establishment in Streatham many moons ago,its a lovely spot.