Lambeth frickinn Council

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Private_Pike, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. I've become the lucky recipient of a fine for illegally parking my vehicle in a Bus lane in Lambeth. Tough shiite I hear you cry, but no it wasn't me. I have never been to the cultural metropolis of Lambeth and frankly have little desire to ever go there ( especially now.) The fine I have received kindly shows "my vehicle" in a glorious technicolour still from their CCTV. The only trouble is that on that day, which happened to be young Miss Pike's 5th birthday, I was entertaining 40 screaming children at a birthday party. Secondly, the vehicle in the picture although the same make of vehicle is of a different( higher) spec than the pikemobile and upon closer examination the index number has a 6 in it where mine has a 5. This is discernable to the Mk1 human eyeball and fcuking obvious when magnified.
    The form states that I can appeal in writing but my original reaction of posting a letter consisting of profanities is unlikely to meet success.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Appeal, I've had 12 tickets from them an all of them were succesfully appealed and quashed. Lambeth has the worst/ best appeal rate in london.

    At first I tried the normal nice letters with polite language. After 6 letters and no responses. I sent a letter on advice from my C/Clerk restating the events and circumstances surrounding the tickets. Along with photocopies of the all th letters I hade sent to them over the past couple of months on letter headed paper from work.

    Within 2 days I had letter back from them apologising for the tickets and the lack of corrispondence over the past few months and that the matter was now resolved
  3. Take the tossers to Court,may be something in it for you..Lambeth Council needs bringing down a peg or two.
  4. Sounds like your car has been cloned. I would look at this seriously and inform the DVLA. You may well need to apply for a new registration number. These sort of things are easy to refute using a camera and taking a piccy of your car and sending it to them, unfortunately if your car has been cloned then it may well be a royal pain in the arrse to get things back to normal.

    I wish you success and the best of luck.
  5. It doesn't sound like cloning, as the number is actually different!

    I would send them a letter pointing out that they have sent the fine to the wrong person, pointing out their error and letting them know that you would appreciate a refund of your postage costs incurred as a consequence. Copy the letter to Kate Hoey, the local MP, and make sure they know she has been copied in.
  6. I have appealed two parking tickets and my advice is keep photocopies of everything you send. Sheffield gave me a parking fine even though my ticket was displayed. I sent them the original ticket as proof which they then accepted and withdrew the fine. 12 months later they send me a threatening letter saying they are going to increase the fine if I don't pay up! Fortunately I had kept a copy of their original letter saying there was no fine to pay.
  7. Not quite the same scenario, but I was the fortunate recipient of a letter from DVLA Enforcement in Kent stating that I had failed to SORN my vehicle and unless I paid an £80.00 fine I would be taken to court.

    The problem was the car was not mine but belonged to the previous house owners who moved to Spain some two and a half years previous.

    I telephoned the DVLA enforcement and explained that the letter was opened in error as I was expecting a tax disc for my motorbike. The woman in DVLA stated that she could not accept my verbal explanation and I would have to put it in writing. The conversation deteriorated rapidly and I ended by saying that I look forward to court and proving that I was not Mrs *^&**.

    I decided to E mail this problem to DVLA Swansea and recieved a similar response. Another further E Mail was dispatched by me to state that I had used MY time, and MY phone bill to sort out a problem that, quite frankly, had nothing to do with me. I stated that no further correspondance would take place unless they paid for the postage.

    Within 2 days a stamped addressed envelope arrived for me to place a written response. This was used and a written response dispatched, hopefully ending this matter.

    The point I am driving at is one of principal as opposed to being to tight to splash out for a first class stamp. An administrative error or someones failure to follow procedure is not my problem. Whilst I am happy to point this out to the relevant Department, I draw the line at paying for the privilege and to also having to speak to someone who is clearly of the opinion that the presumption of guilt overides all other explanations. :x
  8. Are you sure its from the council, or TfL?

  9. Car cloning is now so widespread that even the police say they have 'no confidence in the DVLA licensing system to prevent cloning'. LINK

    In your case, it seems your car has not been cloned and the council has made a mistake. Give them a ring and point this out.

    If they won't correct the error then they are committing an offence. Your friend and mine, the Data Protection Act, comes into play at this point.

    Write to the Chief Executive of the Council giving your name and address and no other information. State that you are making a Subject Access Request and that you want copies of all physical and electronic data held by Lambeth Council that relates to you.

    If they don't reply within 40 days, they are breaking the law and you should refer the matter to the Information Commissioner.

    If they do reply within 40 days but don't include details of your parking ticket then they haven't undertaken a proper search of their records so they are breaking the law and you should refer the matter to the Information Commissioner.

    If they do reply within 40 days and do include details of your ticket then they are storing incorrect data. Hence are breaking the law and you should refer the matter ....... well, you get the picture.

    I just love it when large organisations, especially councils, do stuff like this. They make all sorts of legal threats to try to get money that isn't owed to them while they are, in fact, breaking the law themselves. It's a bit like a burglar breaking in to your house and threatening to sue if you don't tell him where your wife's jewelry is!
  10. As the car in question isn't yours just send them a letter stating that the registration is different and if they take you to court be sure to pad your expenses. As for Mad_Mac, ignore it, it wasn't sent to you so there's no problem. Don't make mountains out of molehills.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I got summoned to see the bossman when I was at Bruggen as I had a parking fine come thru from Peterborough city council.
    Turns out when I was back in the UK some weeks before trading in my old car for a new one,some scrote in the garage decided to use my old car for a lunch run & got caught after I was back in Germany.The boss wrote off to the council explaining this,then wrote to the garage & apparently the scrote was made to pay the fine & sacked!
  12. I love a story with a happy ending! :D
  13. Any prod at the onion heads running the Peoples' Republic of Lambeth is worthwhile. These people are collectively so awful that even the 'Liar' distanced himself from them.

    The borough stands for everything that was unacceptable in GB in the 60s and 70s. It is an appalling shambles and this FACT is highlighted by one of its neighbour boroughs - Wandsworth - and a simple comparasion of Council Tax bills in streets where the boundary runs down the middle of the street.
  14. I avoid Peterboroughistan like the plague, I'm not even sure if English is spoken there anymore.
  15. Not only appeal it but bill them for the time you have spent investigating it. Now at £50.00 it should make them think.