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Lakenheath Alert

I went past gate 8 at about 0930. The gate was shut with three lorries (HGV and 7.5 ton) waiting outside. Main gate was open at that time, but I did notice a Base fire engine inside the perimeter fence between the golf course and A1065 (before gate 8 ) with its blue lights on.

When I tried to return along the A1065 at 1230 police had shut the road at the Wangford Road lights and traffic was diverted to the B1112 through Lakenheath and Eriswell. A Base ambulance with blue lights on turned left through a red light in front of me and cut through the traffic ahead, turning right at the end of Wangford Road towards Feltwell. Which seems odd.

How exciting.

Hope this is useful. I am in my pjs and eating ice cream so I'm afraid I won't be going out to crawl through the woods and Wangford Warren with drain_sniffer.


Book Reviewer
Can the locals still use the golf course at raf lakenheath? I have not been there since 94.
At that time i knew a few us security police and like most us police they were all for the beat em to shit or shoot first policy, ask questions later.
I dont know the ins and outs of whats happened but its probably a good job the truck did not enter the base.

Would of been interesting to see the aftermath:p

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