Lake rangers to quit over 'tours for whites' slur

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jan 4, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE,,2-1425174,00.html

    This really makes me want to puke:

    THE Lake District is facing mass resignations by its volunteer rangers over a decision to scrap free guided walks in the national park because they do not attract enough people from ethnic minority communities.

    Ranger-led walks are among 900 Lake District events planned for 2005-06 that are to be dropped because they appeal mostly to “white, middle-class, middle-aged people”.

  2. Arrrggghhhhh!!
    It make my blood boil. My wife and I regularly climb a mountain in the lakes (a mere 45 min drive away) at the weekends. In all the time we have been doing this we have very rarely seen anyone not matching that middle class description on a fell or mountain. If minorities do not want to climb Cumbrias peaks then that is their affair, we cannot force them. That said however, many ethnic communities (enclaves) seem rather urban based and rarely take part in outdoor pursuits. I don't know why, but there you are.
  3. Hey everybody knows that hill walking is the favourite pass time of the national front and combat 18. Many time I have been out in the cuds only to be passed my a bunch of the klan on there family away day thank god that those fearless champions of democracy the thought police/EU have stepped in to save us from the degradation how can we look at our selves when this goes on.
  4. Depressing. "Targets" again - yet more damage to public services caused by targets selected for no better reason than the egos and careers of the idiots who think them up.

    Paraphrasing the quoted authority member who does not support the decision, attracting visitors from a wider spectrum of society is a worthwhile objective (IMO) but p*ssing off the volunteer guides as well as current visitors is NOT the way to do it.
  5. Once again some PC libral tree hugging Ass*ole using positive descrimination to make the normal man in the street look racist and get themselves a gold star for being PC. Forgive me but I have never seen the local owner of either the "Tandoori Star" or the "Ho Chi Min" chippy taking his family hill walking or climbing. They all work weekends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PC Toss*rs really Miff me off!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  6. The artical in full (copright to The Times online and Andrew Norfolk)

    Are they going to force march dissafected urban youths into the lakes? Who is going to provide their walking kit, the last time I looked none were wearing gore-tex or had decent footware to handle even the easiest of walks there. The other problem is how are these urban youths going to transport them over the hundreds of miles from the 'urban' centers they dwell in?
    It makes me really depressed reading about this kind of thing :cry:
  7. And they wonder why Hilter was so popular!
  8. And this in a background where we are supposed to be encouraging people to get out and do some exercise!

    Bl00dy jobsworths...
  9. Mr Hilter was popular mainly due to the propaganda machine steered by Goebbels,and saying anything pro Hilter is always going to stir up an ants nest, no way do I condone any of the mass racial atrocities perpetrated, however he did have a point that these people were damaging the progress that was the benefit of the majority of the population, and also unlike most of our politicians,he was followed and believed, not because (and due to popular belief you got shot if you didnt follow) but because he got sh1t done and the majority of Germany believed him because of this.
    In no way should we go to those sort of extremes however there does come a point when enough is enough. Lest we forget that the German Empire model was based upon our own, which in turn was based upon the Roman Empire, they seemed to work pretty well for a few years!
  10. Sactly, Rapier.

    Mr Hitler was indeed a bit of a drama queen but he came along at a time when the krauts were at a point where they said 'enough was enough'. Simplistic I know. Opportunist, right man, right time. He attempted (through some dubious means) to give Germany back to the Germans.

    An open question. At what point do the population say 'enough is enough'? How many more articles such as the thread opener is enough to make a country turn?

    Or are we becoming a nation that accepts this is the norm and we just whine about it and blame some tree hugging beurocrat, tuck our heads back down and move on? Slow evolution of 'dumbing' a nation down or is it time we did something about our own land?
  11. If someone proposed that a Council sponsored "Black awareness workshop" was closed because it wasn't being attended by enough middle-aged, middle class, white people, then there would be an uproar against racism.
    Sauce for the Goose anyone?
  12. Well to be honest now......

    If you're in the right bits of North Wales of a weekend you'll meet some groups in the boonies that you do have to wonder about.

    Quite aside from the general crapness of this decision, I'd be forced to conclude that you'd need to be decently paid to spend any length of time in the Lakes. Bloody dear!
  13. Quote "however he did have a point that these people were damaging the progress that was the benefit of the majority of the population,"

    Which people were they then?

    (Ants nest being stirred.)
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The kit can be provided by the MOD, there's loads of stuff that soldiers don't have to have, boots, Gary, daypacks, ORPs, the list goes on.
    They can even issue CBA to protect these people from the bands of middle-aged, middle-class white folks who are ravaging the Lakes, after all the Army doesn't need the stuff......

    As to tpt, what's wrong with letting them use the white fleet ? It's just another unnecessary drain on the Gordon's private purse.