Lake Garda and Peschiera

I'm off to Lake Garda on Monday, staying near Peschiera.

Just wondered if any Arrsers have been there and can recommend any places to visit, restaurants on the lakeside etc.

I've looked at the travel books etc but an Arrse recomendation is always useful, particularly when suggesting places for food and drink etc.


Ive been there par le moto. In 2006.
Sites: monte Baldo, the lake and ferry from one side to the other. Train station with links to Venice, Milan etc.... ( if use the train dont forget to validate yr train ticket)

Restaurants galore. Hill walking

Lots of Germans visit there too.

Its a very picturesque.
Sorry Rodders I have been on the site less recently and only just seen this. I used to work around there quite a bit and know it well. How was your trip?
Very nice indeed thanks. Seriously thinking of going back again in the next year or so as there was a lot we didn't get to see. Too much to fit into two weeks.

Some nice restaurants in Peschiera.

The lake itself was lovely - very clean.

Mrs R2q had a great time and would like to go back.


A friend was due to go out with us but due to a family illness she had to cancel. Having told her what a nice time we had she is determined to go there. We'll certainly be happy to go back again.

We spent a day in Verona - Juliet's balcony was shite and very crowded, but I had fun taking pics of the other old buildings etc, and we had an excellent lunch at a cafe just off the main square.

We had two trips to the Dolomites but it was either raining or cloudy so didn't see too much of the view. Bolzano was nice though, as was Ortisey. The weather for the rest of our stay was very nice - lots of sunshine right up until the last night when we had a thunderstorm.

Our hotel was very smart as well - very nice room, hotel staff very friendly. It was about 1.5 km from Peschiera but ran a courtsey bus every hour into town and back.

The food varied from average to excellent, however the cakes and puddings were great - I have never eaten so many deserts in one holiday. Plus, as we were all inclusive, as much local beer and wine to drink as we wanted. I also blagged free internet access from the receptionists, and spent a couple of days riding out in the countryside on one of the hotel bicycles (again - free for residents), including cycling over to Solferino to visit the various battlefields and museums.



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