Lairdxs Bairn. (Offspring.)

Just had a phone call from Mrs Lairdx. She has just had a scan and we have it on good authority that the wee Jock is a girl (Or possibly a boy with a tiny winkle which of course means that it hasn't taken after me.)

Ah well there goes my plan to re-raise the Scottish Regiments in my own image.

I'm sure she'll still be harder than most of you. :wink:
Fantastic news, Laird. Just remember to lock her up until she's 25 and not to introduce her to most of the reprobates on this site!! Apart from me... I'm a nice guy!! Honest!!!
Ozgerbobble said:
Congratulations mate

Is she a guar? :wink:
Dunno the scan was in black and white but it is a possibility. Do you want to buy her?


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Are you willing to sell? Does mrs lairdx come with the price?
Well done Captain Sperm have you got a cape and high boots like Capt America?????

Its good to see you have lost the scouse wig and tash and the Gaylord collers too :):):)
Aw, congratulations! I bet she's going to have you wrapped around her finger in no time, you old softie.

I have no doubt she'll be a scrapper, though (and thereby a woman after my own heart). :)
Arrse Nappies - cover a multitude of sins & stains.

Hope she has an ear for music and hates bagpipes, but fear she has the Caledonian Gene, in which case she will keep up the many and varied noble traditions.


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Hope the good news continues Lairdx. All the best to you and Mrs Lairdx and junior(ess).
it is so sweet to know you are both expecting a beautiful little girl.
dont forget to buy her, her first bag pipes lardix

congratulations to you both and your familys
Congratulations Lairdx & Mrs. Lairdx!

Lairdx, some of your comments since you announced the news that the stork was in-flight have reminded me of those comments made by other ARRSErs at the time they discovered that a screaming gobshite <ahem> beautiful bouncing baby was on the way. Let's look back & enjoy the obvious paternal & maternal feelings of the average ARRSEr…


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