Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rowums, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Edit.
  2. Feck off virgin boy.
  3. Dale will do ya for free.
  4. You have got to be taking the p!ss.
  5. Get in there quick're not exactly ran over with offers are you?
  6. In fact you should have kept quiet about joining up and just said you were in. Most of the munters on here would be swallowing your bollock batter in seconds. They love squaddie c ock you know! Fcuking love it they do - deep in their asses followed by their mouths..........mmmmmm brown lipstick!
  7. I often walk into pubs with my face covered in cam cream, spouting off stories of BIG guns, women just go nuts for that.

    A grate line you could try is “I’m shipping out to war tomorrow and I’ve never known the love of a woman who wasn’t inflatable, I fear I may never return”, remember to wipe away a tear when you say that, it works like magic.
  8. :lol: You're quite right Biscuits, but even a sad, desperate, lonely cow like me has to draw the line somewhere. I do have some standards you know. They might be very low, but they are there!
  9. About as low as your arrse cheeks I've heard.
  10. Ignore me I was a little more drunk than was strictly necessary.
  11. Of course we fcuking do! All civvies are queer and hung like a circumcised field mouse...................fcuking homos.
  12. NO, a little higher than that. I've turned you down more than once.
  13. not if you're a squaddie and an ugly ba stard.....
  14. You can always get laid, it just depends if you care who with! & squaddies don't tend to care. Fcuk, even I can lay a squaddie, but no civvy will touch me.
  15. You may as well forget about women, the Intelligence Corps have a special kind of “initiation” for all the new meat… I mean recruits.
    I’m told it helps to create bonding within the platoon.

    Do you know what the Intelligence Corps motto is?
    “It’s only gay if you push back”