Lagos and MMIA

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Oyibo, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. Over the bloody moon, so I had to send a quick post from the Air France/KLM lounge in Murtallah Mohammed International Airport (MMIA to you).

    1700hrs exactly - leave VI.
    1730hrs - arrive at MMIA.
    1745hrs - clear customs & immigration with no ****** trying to nick all my kit.
    1755hrs - sat in lounge with whisky & soda having eating two cheese and ham sandwiches.


    If anyone of you has managed that (and I know there's the odd arrser who works out here) then you must have Barry Sheen driving you to the airport on a 600cc Okada.
  2. 30 mins in the rush hour?

    Either (1) you're lying like a cheap NAAFI watch, (2) you flew or (3) your driver has a high risk threshold and a .50 cal...
  3. 1. Unusually, no.
    2. Not by Nigerian standards.
    3. Yes and no.

    However, it's a Sunday, so the roads were clear. My personal worst for that journey is 4 hours. I know of one trip that took 8.

    At least it's not Port Harcourt in the rainy season on a Wednesday (market day):

    Rainy Season 2.JPG
  4. And now your reward is to spend four hours drinking cheap nasty whisky in one of the world's most sh1te airport lounges.

    Agreed - PHC / Omagwa is NEVER good. It's the whole 'climbing-over-the-check-in-desk-for-the-privilege-of-bunging-the-fat-lazy-security-waster-for-the-privilege-of-getting-your-bag-on-the-plane' bit that does it for me...

    Enjoy the flight home!
  5. Haha! Yes, that sums it up very well. Warri is the same. Bunch of c***'s, and glad to be escaping again.

    (Whisky in the Air France lounge is Johnny Walker red, so no complaints about that, but the soda water is 'Teema' which tastes like fizzy tramp's piss. Oh well, 2 hours till boarding is supposed to start.)
  6. The seating at MMIA departure area is specially designed to be grossly uncomfortable. I've always invariably found myself talking to someone at the bar though, so the three or four hours safety time goes quickly enough...

    Never made it there in under an hour, though. From Apapa the "best" way is by TinCan Island, which can be spooky when heading for the 2330 flight.
  7. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I thought I had managed to forget the experiences of trying to get out of that place...

    23rd December, some carved tut in my bag for cheap pressies, some fat, smelly Customs 'officer' suggesting I make his Christmas better and that I needed licences to export national treasures.

    Words were had, dash was retained and I got out with my goodies.

    The regularly worse airport I have ever been in or out of!
  8. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We used to have to drive from Abuja down to Lagos, early 1980s, that was fun!!!!!
  9. As WB says, the lounge is total pants, but the company's usually pretty good there. Never had any issues with Customs, either - although did once have a half-a-crown-sixpence session with the SSS boys, who weren't sure whether or not they liked the cut of my jib.

    Arrival at MMIA's the bugger, though, it's never taken less than an hour and a half for the bags to get to the arrivals hall - is it just me being unlucky?