Lag this evening on RNR


The lag issue on RnR has been rectified. was infact my fault.

I was embarrassed enough to NOT want a grid announcement.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused! :mad:

I did clock some newbies as I arrived home, if you are about still come back and give it another go!!


Older_by_the_day said:
What was it? A new monster hair do? :p
Well it went like this.. I contacted SL help having arrived home and finding it had crashed so I contacted help and got Spike Linden.

Minxy: General heavy lag this evening?

Spike: Yes Minxy there is, we are fixing the issue now.

Minxy: Hmmm well Ive been elsewhere and dont have much of a problem, our sim on the other is giving all the indications its crashed.

Spike: hmmmm, 2 minutes Minxy, I'll check for you.

Minxy: Cheers Spike

Spike: Ah found the problem, Minxy have you perchance lost anything?

Minxy: *looks around* nope Spike everything accounted for.

Spike: You sure? So the dog currently floating about 800m above the sim with your name on it that has crashed the sim is not your property?

Minxy: SHIT!!!!!!!!

Spike: Returning it now, everything should be fine


Spike: I take it you don't want a grid announcement over this?

Minxy: THAT Spike is not funny, lets keep this one to ourselves!!

SO, who shot the dog off the Castle??????


War Hero
I would LOVE to own up to having shot your mangy yappy fucking dog.

But, not guilty, in this instance. However, when I get a decent flamethrower.............................. :mrgreen:
Minxy said:
SO, who shot the dog off the Castle??????
Well the dog shot me off the island the other day, so revenge would have been sweet - but no it wasn't me minxy !
That is class!!!

And no I didn't shoot the dog.... in fact I've never even seen it!

Is there an SL version of the RSPCA?

Kind of odd that one dog can crash the island!


Apparently there was a collision in mid air, causing the offending animal not to be returned to my lost and found when it went off the Island *sigh* causes scripting errors Im led to believe.

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