Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ciggie, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. Hairs get everywhere, what is the most useful thing you have found on your tongue after licking a bit of ladybits? Me ? Sweetcorn. Quite crunchy despite being wet.
  2. Yuuck.... I've never tried licking a Ladybits....... what flavours do they come in??

    Boiled Cabbage, Tuna, Smoked Kipper, Haddocky... or Rotting Pilchards......??
  3. Anchovies, m'dear chap, anchovies........but it depends on the schoolchildren you keep in the shed....oh, fuck, I've said shed in the arrse end, quick, pass the revolving auto
  4. Jamie Oliver. Tied to a tree. French people abusing him. Now this would make television.
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  5. There is another thread dealing with this subject!

  6. That, I think, is better.
  7. Collar and Cuffs........ from Stricly Cum Dancing........ nice lady bits.... but I canne see them..

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  8. Years ago a friend of mine went to doctors for an internal examination and he found the ruby she had lost from her ring some weeks earlier.
  9. Now, that's where my glasses might be. I'm always losing the bastards.
  10. Lose your glasses I reckon you could lose your head, nice girl though.