Ladybird Book of The Policeman

The Army one is cracking-got any screen shots of that JD?
Wished I'd thought of this post - Army one please
Where do I sign up ?


The Soldier, in 1966, was the first in the series to be issued in the matt cover, dust-jacket-less format. Written by I & J Havenhand, illustrated by Berry, it is, as you might expect, full of tanks, guns, rockets and other exciting bits of machinery. Today’s high technology is not much in evidence; "all regiments of the army have radios in case the telephone wires get broken". The engineers have an especially exciting job; "radios, watches, telphones, rockets, tanks and helicopters are among the many things that the soldiers mend in their workshops". However, nowhere in the book does it mention that the ultimate job of the fighting soldier is to kill people...
The Navy

Following the Soldier, the Sailor and Airman followed in 1967, using the same editorial team. Barry’s technical expertise shines out of the illustrations of ships and he can be perhaps forgiven for the cheesy grin on the face of the rating who is dashing up the stairs on the cover shot. On page 51 there is a great shot of a sailor falling out of his hammock.

The Airforce

The Airman (in the Royal Air Force) was, like the other two, quite a "person centred" depiction, written as a recruiting advert. Everyone is skilled, everyone gets on with their fellow officers and you get to ride in exciting new jets,
big_mad_ejit said:
The Soldier title in this series was my favourite book when I was about six years old - wish I'd kept it
Exactly what I was saying to my missus. Try ebay.
I've just dug mine out to have a look at it and check the date. 1966... I got it when I was about five and it was one of a small box of 'things' my mum had kept over the years and she found in the loft a couple of years back (along with some rather sad and embarrassing school reports....amazing I've come as far as I have really........)
That's funny, my book has the same pictures but the words are different 8O

Anybody got The Nurse published 1963 or The Soldier published 1966? Would love to see these redone?

The last para in The Soldier

Soldiers are well-fed and well-clothed and are always with their friends. They have busy lives and are happy men.
Glad I kept all my Ladybird books, got a whole shelf of them.
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